New Years Resolutions!

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Warriors! It's 2012! Time to reflect and make some New Years Resolutions!

Like most people here I own an internet marketing biz.

A little about me:
Worked in corporate tech support most of this year.
Learned most of what I needed to know about internet marketing (design, development, SEO, local, citations, the works) at that business when they grabbed me to help with design and development contracts.
Left very amicably to finish up some courses for school and really bridged the gab in what I need to know to carry on marketing.

8 courses off from grabbing that University degree w/ no debt.
Starting a night school Marketing certificate at another university to help give me the credentials I need (they have a surprising amount of IM worked into their certificate - I suggest marketers take a look ay what's available).

I'm really thankful and happy for all the help I've had along the way, and all the people willing to give me help both online and off to help me get to where I am.

That being said. I'm not where I want to be.
Hopefully with some elbow grease and hard work next year I'll bridge that gap and get to the point where my business is self-sustaining and I don't need to be chomping my nails every month, chasing clients for quick payments when the bills come around.

So, to the resolutions!

1) It's time to sell! - I'm not selling enough. It's one of my strong-points and I'm not doing enough of it. I have a few ongoing contracts, but I get so bogged down in the talking to clients and developing that I forget, when I'm not bringing in new clients I'm not making any new income for that day.

2) Outsource! - That being said, I can't stop helping those clients who I currently have contracts with. So even if I'm the front facing administrator of the company, I can still have people working behind the scenes when I'm out there selling. I understand the technical details of what they need to do and can check their work, so there really isn't any reason I shouldn't be doing this (aside from the smaller margins that is ). It's all about scale.

3) Go Global. I have Skype. There's no reason I should be limiting myself to my local calling area. It's a little harder to close solely over the phone. A few "No's" and a little tweaking of my scripts shouldn't hamper me too much over the benefits though.

4) Be Accountable. Bad days happen. I may waste my time selling an entire day without making a sale. Saying "Oh, that's crappy" doesn't cut it though. I'm going to have to look at why products weren't selling and change my scripts, selling pattern accordingly.

5) Be the Boss. As the owner I need to remember that I own the business, not my customers. An early lesson I learned from my old mentor was the "**** you, pay me" strategy. When clients expect something for nothing, they're trying to screw you no matter how you look at it. Don't be the nice guy, because they won't respect you as a business. Have rates, make them liveable, and sell to them.

Also, I need to stop reading WF quite as much. :-P
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    My new year resolution is making $120 million this year .This is not a joke and I can feel the power that I am a billionaire
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      My new year's resolution is 1024x768
      All you can do is all you can do - Art Williams
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    I've also been focusing on my new year's resolution. 2011 was a great year and I was able to save a lot of money but have neglected my business.

    I'm hoping to revive everything and focus on making a nice income from offline marketing. I also have a lot of hobbies and goals that I'm interested in accomplishing this year.

    I am also looking at getting my IT certificates and some job experience as I want a great fall back and to learn computers even more. I'm all about learning it all.

    Time to work hard and accomplish those goals.
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    My new years resolution is to scale up what I have going on right now
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      Not only do I have a new year's resolution, I "officially" started my new offline business under a new company entity starting 2012.

      For the last 6 months I've been selling my services under my wife's company which does video production. I was testing the offline waters before diving in head first. So starting today, I dove in and I'm hoping to swim and not sink.

      Now, as far as the new year's resolution.

      1. Have all 6 components of my new company up and running with clients by April. Three of the 6 already have current clients. The components are.

      * Full website design
      * Mobile website design
      * Text Message Marketing services including offering reseller accounts
      * SEO
      * Online video production
      * Graphic and Print media design

      2. Have at least 100 new clients paying for my services and monthly residuals by mid summer.

      3. Hire at least 2 commission based sales people.

      4. Have some cool shirts and jackets printed with my new logo

      Here's to a great and profitable 2012.

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    My new year's resolution in 2012 is to: leverage my time and effort through others looking to make money.

    There are so many people out there that are looking to make some extra money doing simple things that I know will make money, but just don't have the time to do myself.

    For example, last month I posted a simple Craigslist ad looking for someone to distribute flyers (promoting nice paying affiliate offers) around town, and I had about 15-20 people email me that they are interested in doing this. Since then I have lined up a commissioned sales person for promoting mobile marketing and internet related services in my area.

    I'm still honing my 2012 goals, but leveraging my time and effort is at the top of the list.
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      I don't have IM resolutions, I have projects that are in the works!

      1. Relaunching my IM video production services here on the forum.
      2. Launching my offline marketing services -video marketing/lead gen/web design
      3. Launching two major local websites that will generate residual income.

      The focus this year is to learn how to generate real residual income on a local level.

      I'll continue to produce videos both offline and on, and I may be landing a major win soon. I have a conference call with a Hong Kong company about being their graphic artist here in the states. Wish me luck on that, it's part time, work from home and it pays extremely well.

      Now my real resolutions are the same as every year. Save money, pay off debts, lose weight, meet a girl. I lost 20lbs last year so 1 outta 4 ain't bad, right? haha.

      Learn how to make videos that sell. Special $1 Offer for Warriors Only.

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    My resolutions are making enough money to fulfill my all dreams. Making home, get car and get Australian immigration. Biggest aim to get a good job in Dubai, to start working on rest of plans...
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    My new years resolution is to scale up because i am not satisfied with current position in my business.
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