map or list with all local businesses by zip code?

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I am trying to find out if there is a map or list of local businesses by zip code
A friend asked me because he wants to get details about all businesses to find which ones to target and make a map for himself so he can go one by one with his products

any suggestions?
he tried google maps - didn't work well for him

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    Hoovers is one - there are others as well - this information is actually quite valuable so its available for $$. Hoovers has a free trial.
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    You can find businesses selling lead lists like this for pretty cheap. The time saved trying to compile your own list may be worthwhile for the cost.
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      very cool! I will check out hoovers
      my product is very unique so i would have to create my own leads lit from the info gathered
      thanks so much!!!

      Joey Laboz

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        Do you guys know of any other sites like Hoovers which I can get more data?

        Joey Laboz

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    You can get free leads from Dun & Brandstreet ( or
    You can search by industry/niche/zipcode/business size etc.

    If you don't mind paying and want to save some time, Dun & Brandstreet has a paid lead program that includes an optimized mapping service of your selected leads.

    I have used both the free and paid methods and both worked great for me.
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