What is Important for Google?

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Hi dudes..
I am a SEO.
I know that On Site Optimization and Off Site Optimization, both are very important for any search engine.

But For Google which one is more Important?

Your all suggestions are welcome.. Thanks in advance.
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    I think On-page SEO is more important that Off-page SEO. If you want to rank well in google for a specific keyword, you can achieve this target only by having an exact-match domain, optimised site title, description and keywords. Every day I find dozens of micro-niche sites which rank on 1st page of google only with a few backlinks, BUT with an exact match keword domain. Also, having some social bookmarks, edu gov domain backlinks, or some quality articles submissions is a plus for your website if you want to look valuable to google. You can find on fiverr some good providers of these. Also, I'll suggest not to use blasting, it is enough to get 20 manual .edu backlinks than a lot of spammy links pointing to your site.

    Wish you the best.

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    Yes, I believe Google is going to a quality Content algorithm, but off page backlinks are always good. You don't want too many though, just enough that fits that niche/keyword.

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    Before starting any SEO campaign, do a thorough keyword research, then come up with content and do on site optimization. Then afterwards, do off site optimization. As you can see, each process is very important and has its own part to play. You can't afford to ignore any
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    As we all know both SEO ways are important to boost your site in Google Search Ranking. But if we compare I think On-page SEO is more important.
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      I think keyword is most important. For less competitive ones, you don't need to do that much on or off page SEO. For very competitive ones, you pretty much need everything in place.
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    I totally agree with you, billmat. Both are very much important for any search engine. I think content and keyword get the priority over the rest. On-page definitely should be the first and foremost thing. And then the off-page.
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    google always want quality content and google ignores spammers.
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    Having less bounce rate..
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    I can't speak for Google, but here is what I think Google cares about from what I have been reading and hearing up to now:

    1. A properly designed website
    - A website that has a good structure.
    - A website that loads fast.
    - Every page on it is easily accessible.
    - Pages are linking to each other.
    - No pop-ups or similar annoyances.
    - A good user experience overall.

    2. Quality content
    - A website that offers relevant information.
    - A website that visitors like to visit and spend time on.
    - A website that answers the question of the visitor landing on it.
    - Not a website that is full of ads or that has non-relevant content or that has fake reviews or whatever.

    3. Social Proof
    - How many visitors your site get.
    - How long do that visitors stay on your site, do they leave as soon as they land on?
    - How many of them share, bookmark or give a link to your site.
    - How many other sites with similar topics give a link to your site naturally.

    The above points more or less sum up my understanding of on-page and off-page SEO considering how artificially created backlinks are getting less and less valuable (this is what should be for the good of all of us).
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    I would have to say quality content and right tools for building backlinks.

    Revelancy is a big thing for google because when google wants to rank a website, one of a big factor google spiders look at will be always about how relevant the site is to the keyword of the search term.

    Hope this helps!

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      A regular time Google do some updation so we need to follow this new updation for our website. Unique contain are helpful to get a good qualities back link. In Google On page and Off page SEO are best component to get a positive result for our website.
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    Google is so much concerned about your website and content you put there, so do key word search very well and get very good content with no penalized web interface.
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    When it comes to Google, your content is what's interesting. Google is interested in your on page optimization and that includes your keyword research, quality contents, quality backlinks and tags.
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