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WF is a Forum of people with their MAIN interest in "making money using their Keboard and the Internet!...yet....a guy (Bob Ross) comes along and tells how he made $5,000 by producing a "Postcard-Type" MAILER!.... and the WF goes Bonkers!

"784" posts when I looked this morning.

One example I saw;

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I found a local print shop with a good price recently, it should cost me around $2950 total in shipping and printing the cards. The usps every direct program will be around $1450 and to print the cards will be around $1450. I plan on charging 500 dollars per ad. So i will make around $5,000 when i start out.

I am working on my mock up, and i plan on talking to business owners once i get my mock up finish. I am little anxious about this, i hope it turns out well.
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Ya coulda knocked me over with a feather!

WHO would've EVER imagined that....instead of the "regular"..."Make a Bundle from Home with your PC"...a guy comes along and posts his success in selling a "FACE-TO-FACE" program with HIGH....PRODUCTION COSTS!


Maybe it's the "Hunger" people have, here........ to....FINALLY....find something that WORKS! Presented by someone who has DONE IT!

Let me digress; Years ago....I'm talking "1980" vintage....Jimmy Carter was our "Pres". He and his fellow LIBERAL DEMOCRATS in Congress managed to TAKE OUR COUNTRY DOWN TO IT'S KNEES!

Evidence: If you wanted to buy a Car or Truck towards the end (Thank God) of his "Regime" (1979) had to "agree to PAY".....TWENTY TWO PERCENT INTEREST!

I know.....because of what "Carter's Regime" (He and his Liberal Democrats) had done to the Economy....I was FORCED to try and find SOME earn money...WITHOUT "going to work" for someone. I ABSOLUTELY REFUSED to "Look for a J.O.B.! day I opened my mail box and.....saw a "Val Pak" flyer in my Mail Box!

I opened the envelope and saw 20 LOCAL businesses that had PAID to have a Coupon in that envelope.

So....I thought to myself; "Self! Why don't YOU put together a "SIMILAR" Coupon program?"

Hey! Val Pak was located in Denver. I'm in a small mountain town of Glenwood Springs, CO. (pop 7.000) I wondered; "If THEY can get 20 LOCAL businesses to PAY $495 to have their "Coupon Offer in 10,000 pieces of mail".....I should be able to get the SAME amount from local businesses who were NOT in the ValPak mailer.

After 1 phone call I found that ValPak had offered EXCLUSIVES! Which meant.....COMPETING businesses in the SAME business Category....maybe....would like to have a COUPON in a similar program!

Whala! I discovered that ValPak had "softened my local market"! By that I mean....their phone solicitors in Denver....had found the "Low-Hanging Fruit"....and I....if I made FACE-TO-FACE sales calls COULD.... possibly... find businesses willing to pay...little ol' ME....$495.

I thought; "Hey! If Valpak is offering ONE business per category....that means that ALL the other businesses in EACH Category....MIGHT be interested in doing a "Coupon Mailing"1

So....I made up some Samples (based on the ValPak coupons) and....went out and made....FACE-TO-FACE sales calls.....showing Samples and asking the Biz owners to Participate in MY program. (10,000 envelopes mailed for $495)

Well....because I'm an "Out-Going" kinda guy....I was able (in the worst economy since the Great Depression) get 30 businesses to pay, little ol' me....$495 ea ($495 x 30 = $14,850)

FOURTEEN THOUSAND EIGHT HUNDRED FIFTY the worst economy since the Great Depresion! YOu kidding ME? Don't talk to me about "Entroopeneerism doesn't work!"

I went out in a DOWN-Cast, GLOOMY economy where MANY small businesses were about ready to call it QUITS....and....not only "LIFTED THEIR SPIRITS....I also LIFTED the Spirits of MY WIFEE....who was "Scared to death about the Future" (as MOST of the folks in my area were)

Hey! FOURTEEN THOUSAND BUX in YOUR bank account will make ANY wife or girlfriend or...."significant other" (this is the 21st century, sadly).... EXTREMELY ECSTATIC!

So....again....I am REALLY the what I thought was a "Non-Person-To-Face" atmosphere.

Thanks for this Forum....and....thanks to the "Entroopeneers" who reside here and willingly offer their successes.

Don Alm.....Entroopeneer from waay baack
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    Wow, that's a great and inspiring story! Thanks for sharing that with all of us.

    I agree with you that I'm increasingly seeing that IN GENERAL, there is more money bringing made offline, or offline/online combinaation, than solely online. Sure, there are plenty of affiliates making good money with ad sense, clickbank, etc, but there are also many others who are barely making $20 a month.

    What really stood out to me as I read your post, was when I was a little kid, I actually thought the same thing as I saw one of those coupon packs in our mail!

    Let me ask you, what were your costs on producing and mailing the coupon packs.

    Oh, and here's one more question that's been on my mind for a long time. When you do any type of advertising like this, whether it be coupons or ad spots, are you supposed to do the creative graphic work for the ad, or is the business supposed to supply that.

    The reason I asked that last question is I'm not currently well versed in graphic design and worry that I wouldn't be able to create an appealing ad for the business. What's your take on this?

    Thanks for your great post.
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    Great story, nothing has changed really since 1980 or indeed since ancient babylon. And by that I mean both making money and people's preference when it comes to choosing a partner :-)
    Learn to code faster, and remove the roadblocks. Get stuff done and shipped! PM me and I can help you with programming tutoring, specialising in Web and the following languages: Javascript ~ HTML ~ CSS ~ React ~ JQuery ~ Typescript ~ NodeJS ~ C#.
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    Hey Don! I'm glad you posted this, because I had the same things running through my head when I read that thread! It inspired my creativity more than any other, and I'm currently in the process of managing a full blown coupon marketing campaign in my city, integrating almost every aspect of online, and offline marketing!

    I'm glad this strategy worked out for you, it most certainly gives me fuel to run on! Think about it this way-
    - Build a steady campaign, doing this once a month. If a business gets good results, it will stay! Once competition hears about this, what their competitors are doing.... CHA CHING!
    - Upsell Mobile and Local marketing solutions to maximize their profits, and YOURS!
    - Get the method down, hit your neighboring town, RINSE & REPEAT!

    People need to stop complaining about what doesn't work, because chances are they're not taking action, the only action that they are remotely taking is refuting what they can be doing! Just do it, its simple!

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    Wow! That's really great! And Bob Ross strategies on how to make money are all awesome!
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