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This is a little complicated but would love some help.

I got a client a mailbox address so he could get a listing in City X. Two postcards were sent but he never received them. We added a PO Box (as I thought that address may somehow be blocked). After adding the PO Box we got the postcard.

After entering the pin I got the message This listing does not comply with our policy of allowed terms

Tried a few things but still got the same message. Then I read a PO Box may be the problem !. Tried to remove but then it wanted verification by postcard again.

So I messaged Mr G and got a reply -

Thanks for writing, unfortunately we are unable to verify your listing. It looks like your business model may not be the best fit for a Google Places listing. Here are some guidelines to determine if your business should be listed.

Eligible Business Models: Only businesses that make in-person contact with customers qualify for a Google Places listing.

-Your listing is for a business that doesn't make in-person contact with customers.
-Your listing is for a property for rent or sale. If you're in a country where Google Maps offers a real estate layer, you can add your real estate properties to that layer: http://maps.google.com/help/maps/realestate/data_provider_faq.html.
listing is for a recurring event or on-going service that you offer at a location that you do not own or have the authority to represent (e.g. listings verified at mail service location).
-Your listing is for a business that is under construction or that has not yet opened to the public.
-Your listing is for an address at which your business does not exist. If you offer mobile service and would like to define your service area, you can use the service areas feature: Service areas - Places Help. You will still need to provide a real address, but may hide it from your business's place page.

The mention of the mail service location above (I bolded it) has me worried !. Has Mr G stopped allowing these ? There was also another unclaimed listing for the client which I have now deleted. Could that have an affect ?

Any help appreciated !


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    Google places does not want fake listings. All google places listings should be a real physical location.

    Yes people do and can game the system but google catches on. There are ways around this but you have to think outside the box. Using a PO Box or Mail Box company doesn't work as well anymore.

    Depending on how important this is to your client it might be worth renting a small office in the town for a month or something like that. Or even pay someone to use their address.

    Also it sounds like if the IP matches the town you can still get phone verification so getting an open wifi in that town might work to get it done as well.

    But the account itself is unlikely to get approved since it is now flagged. So think outside the box and see what you can come up with.
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