Hiring Telemarketers From The Philippines - A Little Help Please!

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ok guys, so here's the deal...

Now what I have done is basically poached 3 philippino telemarketets from odesk. (naughty boy I know)

What I would like to know is would 50% of my website package be a fair commission for payment?

I am charging £300 per 5 page website or mobile websit so the telemarketers will be getting £150 per sale, however obviously if they make no sales they don't get paid.

Have any of you guys hired people on commission based pay structures and also have you ever worked with philippino telemarketers?

If so how did it work out?

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      hi ken,

      Thanks for getting back, one guy I have already signed up has a real good cv he has done telemarketing for AOL, Sprint mobile and vonage. He was also a technical sales rep for a japanese electronic company.

      he will be using John Durhams script, do you think 150 gbp will be a good motivator?

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        From my dealings with Philipinos, they prefer set amount every week
        for the long term.

        This is because they have so many uncertainties and disruptions to their lives...
        what you are providing is a sense of security for them.

        Give them a number of calls you expect them to make and you'll pay
        them x number of dollars once a week.

        You monitor performance and pay based on their calls and sales.

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    I agree with Ewen, set them up with weekly pay plans, everyones a winner! They will be happy to start commission only to start with, but there lives have so many disruptions which is why they will need something, a little more set in stone! But don't get me wrong iv work with a lot of philippino telemarketers and once trained they can be an army cuz boy they work hard!
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    I'm in! MrSS your Filipino folk.

    I worked as a telemarketer before (in a call center company). We are expected to make a minimum of 300 calls a day, and be sure to have 3-5 sales everyday.
    That being said, you can disregard to number of call but the quota sales should be met every day. If there's no sales made on a day, ask if they have any follow up calls.
    Another thing that plays a good part is the leads. If the leads are filtered and good, then expect good sales call everyday, else negate what I've said.

    In working on commission basis, we don't have any problem about it, we fully understand how commission basis worked, be it commensurate what we worked in.
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    I hope it is ok to resurrect an old thread.

    My question is more about logistics. What is hiring company expected to provide? Are the callers expected to have their own telephone line? Would that usually be a VOIP setup so international calls are free? Skype?

    Thanks for shedding some light on this.
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    I think you should talk with some VA companies of Philippines. Here is a very good company, running by an US guy.

    Hire Virtual Assistants in Philippines
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    If you know where to look and what to look for, there are so many hardworking people in the Philippines but they will need to be trained properly and you need to establish constant communication with them.
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    Agree with most guys here that Filipinos are very loyal and are hard-workers. Although commission basis is good, I would suggest you would go with weekly pay instead. By doing this, they will work harder. I think what is good with these is that they will not only provide you with closes but also prospects that are interested but has no budget at the moment.

    One thing that also worked for us here is to create an incentive scheme. Once they close give them a gift or something. This works better than the commission basis.
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