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Hey guys.. I've had this idea and I was looking to bounce it around a little and get some feedback.

Introducing Offline Car Advertising.

As we all know offline advertising is very expensive... Billboards cost hundreds and are fixed, and the mobile advertising boards are running into the thousands for a few days - Outdoor Advertising Sales Hire - Ad Vans

What about advertising on cars... not your own but members of public.

I have yet to find a company doing it!

The advantages are obvious.

1. An average car travels around 10,000 miles a year or 833 miles a month.
2. Adverts are not in a fixed location.
3. Price is greatly reduced.
4. Discounts for more cars.
5. Can target local customers in a certain town with special offers.

How would it work?

Place an advertisement in the local newspaper offering "make an extra income by driving around". Also in the advert offer "Get extra customers using our unique advertising model".

Once you have an advertiser onboard you tell them the dimensions of the ads available on the cars.. they submit the design to you and you get the car booked in at a local printers for them to apply the adverts.

You take photos of the adverts on the car and the company pay you 6 months upfront. For that you guarantee them that the ads will be inplace on the car for 6 months - if not they get another 6 months free on a different car.

How do you verify this?

Each month before paying the client who owns the car they need to submit a photo of their car with the adverts still attached.

You then send this to the company to show them the ad is still on the car.


You could have different prices for different size ads, but I think firstly to keep it simple it would be better to just have 1 - the rear window.

You would pay the client who owns the car £25 per month. You would charge the company £50 per month per car.

5 cars = £175 profit per month.
10 cars = £150 profit per month.
50 cars = £1750 profit per month.

Now remember these are 6 month contracts so:

5 cars = £1,050 profit
10 cars = £2,100 profit
50 cars = £10,500 profit.

Setting up so the company pay you upfront means that no real capital is required upfront - and in a large city I believe it would be very feasible for you to set up 50 cars and even more!

Please give your feedback on the above plan
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    I don't think many people would do it for £25 a month to be honest.

    You may argue that "broke" people would welcome an extra £25 a month but broke people have crappy cars and companies won't want to be advertising on crappy cars.

    Also, what if one of the drivers is a very bad driver and they piss off a lot of motorists, doesn't do much for the image of the company. I think it's good that you're thinking out of the box but I don't think there is much in this idea.

    Don't give up though, you will get there!!

    "You become what you think about most of the time" - Think BIG!!

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    Google it.

    It is bieng done already. From full wraps, to small magnetics, even complete paint jobs.

    the pay is based on the make / model / year of car, city you live in, and amount of driving you do.

    Its a big business and its been around for quite a while.

    Selling Ain't for Sissies!
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    This was around in 04-05 with magnetic ads on the sidws of cars. If I remember, it was quite profitable for the owner of this.

    Has merit for sure
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    Adam Smith,

    I read somewhere about a simular idea where a guy was paying people to place bumper stickers on the back of their cars and car magnets on their side doors advertising local businesses and I thought that was a unique idea.

    I just thought i would share this info as maybe another way for you get paid by advertising on other peoples cars.

    All the best,

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    I looked into the full wraps a few years back. I drive a ton of miles, but non are in a heave metro area so my car was never selected.

    Visit My website

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    I actually did a small scale program like this about 5 years ago. We used magnets and promoted a saloon. The deal was that if they kept the sign on car then once a month they could get free hair products. Signed up about 50 cars and wanted to do 500 if the test worked out.

    It had potential as the car owners lived mostly within 5 miles of shop and I would often see cars on the road that had a sign on it. The owner also mentioned that many people told her they had seen people with a sign on their car, so I think it had potential.

    But it was hard to track resulting sales increases and we cut it short after about 4 months. This was before social media took off or else Im pretty sure it could had been leveraged a whole lot better. It was just kind of ahead of its time, trying to apply it to small biz whereas the successful models were based on large companies paying for people to get actual wraps that cost 3-4 k vs $50 for pair of magnets.
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    Deliver Bigger.
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