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Hello Warriors and thanks in advance,

I have a client who asks customers to post reviews of his service. He has had several do just that over the last year. Problem is they do not appear in his listing. Nothing since 2010. These are real customers leaving real reviews.

Can anyone shed some light on why this could be happening?

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    Where are they posting the reviews? If they are anywhere besides Google they won't show up on the places listing as Google stopped showing 3rd party reviews on places pages.
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    1.) They aren't really posting them, maybe just telling him that.
    2.) He tried posting too many reviews from the same IP

    Those are my guesses... I might be wrong, but that is what I'm thinking, and now there is just a full hold on the reviews.

    Russ may be onto something too. Perhaps they posted a review on yelp or somewhere else?
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    The first thing that comes to my mind is he could possibly have multiple Google Places listings and the reviews are getting posted to the wrong listing.

    Second, people say they will do a review and few actually do. I have a client that has only been successfully in getting reviews posted by young adults who are tech savvy and have iPhones. The generation outside of that he has been unable to get any reviews posted.

    I'd scour Places to make sure there isn't another listing that is getting the reviews.
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