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Hi, I am interested in getting into the offline marketing and I need some help. I want to start out offering Google places services to get my foot in the door. I was wondering if you have to meet every client in person to get their business or if you can do it over the phone.

I am currently working a lot right now with my job so it will be tough to meet with clients in person during business hours. If you have any suggestions on what I should do that would be great.

I am also looking for a good Google places guide if you guys have any suggestions.

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    Hi, I know a Google places guide in PDF format that I read today. It's a FREE WSO from another Warrior:


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      # 1: You can meet business owners outside of regular business hours. In fact if you can get that your chances of getting hired are usually higher because the business owner has less distractions.

      For many business owners before they open their business in the morning can be good as can times like Saturday afternoon (if their business is more likely to be quiet then.)

      You can use your limited hours to your advantage with lines like "like you I'm very busy. I'd love to get together with you in person but it will have to be...."

      The fact that you have to meet after hours can be perceived as you being so busy with clients and other work that you have to go outside normal hours to get together.

      # 2: Yes you can get hired over the phone. Your conversion is likely to be much lower and you'll have to work harder at building trust and rapport.

      Kindest regards,
      Andrew Cavanagh
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    You can definitely call them up and set up a meeting on the times when you're available.
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    You can use email marketing if you can't find time for cold calling.
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    Agree that if you can meet a biz owner outside of regular hours, your chances of success are far greater. Not just because of fewer distractions, but the fact that they made the appointment shows interest and commitment.

    And yes, you can sell entirely over the phone. The key is your sales process: when and how you say what you say, and what questions you ask.

    Move off the solution.

    Just like people selling mobile sites or SEO, you're not offering Google Places:

    You're offering a steady stream of quality inbound leads for your prospect.

    Talk about that. And see what happens.
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    Get off your arse and "talk to" people.

    Don't "talk at" them

    You will be amazed where a question might lead to.
    "Live like you'll die tomorrow, Learn like you'll live forever" - M. Ghandi
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    From my experience, contacting a business owner after hours gives you a much better shot at getting work. That's especially true when it's a retail owner who wears several hats and mans the cash register, etc. Your timing can be a big part of making that first impression.
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