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Being an owner of a lead generation and appointment setting firm I want to make a note to you guys about Odesk and other sites like it.

I know seeking appointment setting or cold callers while on a budget might lead you to go to Odesk. There are a lot of overseas callers that you can pay 3-10 dollars per hour for. Most of the people responding to your job postings will be from India or the Philippines and that's fine. Filipinos have decent accents and they are good at what they do.

There are a few problems however.

1. No matter how good someone's accent is there is still an accent. American's pick up on this quickly. Even if they don't know where the accent is from they know it's there and that's what they think about instead of what the person is saying.

2. Because of the above fact overseas callers generally get an appointment/lead every 6-8 hours. So the good ones are around $8 per hour, (that costs you $8.8 with the fee) and it costs you around $70 to create an appointment.

Instead you should go with an American appointment setting firm that can charge you less than that for appointments for ppc and seo, and you get Americans calling for you to help with your brand reputation.

3. Also not to mention these callers on odesk aren't using a dialer they are dialing manually so now your actually paying 75 or 80 to create an appointment if you pay for a dialer for them to use.

So even though it may seem cheaper per hour it's actually more expensive, hurts your brand reputation, and you miss out on a lot of opportunities to get people interested in your services/product.
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