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by Bruha
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So my business offers multiple services, SMS, mobile web sites, Google Places and Facebook Fan Pages.

I have e courses for all these mediums and am wondering if I setup autoresponders for each report I give away and let the customer opt in to each list?

Or do I combine them all into one larger report and E-course?
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    I'd combine it and sell the benefits of each. When you do this you will have more than one bait to catch the fish.

    If I was looking for something on say SMS and saw your Google Places report...I might pass, but if I saw your report that was had Google Places and then a bunch of other things I didn't know about or need...I'd still opt-in for the Google Places.

    Then in reading the report, I might realize I need these other services...such as SMS.

    So I might even come back to YOU for more services I wasn't originally planning on getting.

    Hope that helps.


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    Thanks Mark for the feedback. I was thinking that would be the best thing to do as well.

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    Not to be contrary for the sake of being contrary, but wouldn't you say that people arrive at your offer to learn about one specific thing? I mean, they're having a problem with one issue at the moment, aren't they?

    I'd leave them as they are. Separate inbound lead generators addressing specific problems.

    You might want to combine your solutions as one course...which they can buy after they've bought one of your individual modules. Should be an easy sell if you have great content--and you show them you discounted the big course by the price of the one module they've already bought, so that it looks fair.
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