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Hi Offline Warriors,

If you're looking to create a local business directory, here's a WordPress directory plug-in that looks pretty good and best of all it's FREE. It's called Connections and here's the link: http://connections-pro.com

The author does offer a few add-ons ($15 - $20 each) such as 6 custom templates and a couple of pro modules, one of them a CSV import utility, but the plugin itself is free. There are lots of links to live sites using the plugin, some using his templates, some with custom templates.

Here's an example of the cmap template, the one I like the most: cMap | Connections -- Be sure to Click the "Show Notes" "Show Bio" and "Show Map" links.

I think I'm going to get the cmap template and maybe the CSV utility -- I've tried a lot of directory plugins and themes, paid and free, and found most of them wanting, so I was very happy to find this one, and really glad it's a plug-in not a theme. It doesn't have payment processing and all that jazz but it still beats a lot of others I've seen. I'm going to use it to set up a local business directory. I found another free plugin that (I think) will let business owners edit their own individual lsiting, will test that first to see if it works with this one.

I'm not affiliated with the plug-in in any way (I wish!) just wanted to share.
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