Is it me or Google places is down?

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I am trying to update my client Google places listing, adding pics and etc...but once I click save, it updates on dashboard but nothing on actual listing?
It used to update almost immediately.
Does anyone else have problem with this?
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    Its been happening like this for me for a while now. Give it a few weeks and it will update on the actual places page.
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    Ive been having this trouble with one of my clients accounts i got intouch with gogle and this is what i finally got after 2 weeks:
    This is a technical issue that is being investigated at the system level,
    not on a per case basis. The issue will also affect the information you
    provide in your new listing.

    At this point, the only option is to wait for resolution while we work to
    have this fixed.

    Bollocks if you ask me... ooooh my 100th post and im cursing

    Regards Brendan
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    Thanks...I thought it was a system...lot of people talked about it...some had conspiracy theories about this...telling others that they tried to scam the system and they are sandboxed...I have done this 2 years and haven't seen Google places in the sandbox...let's wait and see...
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      They are not the only citation site that has a delay before changing the actual listing that visitors see. Some of them even blend new information with old. This is really annoying when people pay you to update their listings. They can see the new pictures soon after you add them but old descriptions persist so it looks like you only did half the job. Luckily I bill upfront and I explain that it can take several weeks before their listing updates, but the blending is really annoying.
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