Facebook Pages Is Hard to setup

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The statement that Facebook pages are very difficult is an understatement:It is too hard to set up.

I created a page but could not see it when I searched it with the names.So I tried to read the Facebook HELP but this one made matter even worst.

Some of my friends said it is purely a deliberate act by their management but I think otherwise. Maybe I was only the one that is having this very problem.

Could someone please help me.I want to use the page but even after much of efforts it remained invisible for others to see.

Am I missing something?
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    Facebook's search is really bad and we all know this. That is why your page couldn't be found.

    Once you make a page you have to promote it. If you can try to create viral content for it.
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    Originally Posted by Johnmark Hills View Post

    Am I missing something?
    Yes. Facebook is silly for business, but it's great for adultery and talking about yourself in the third-person

    If you're going to do all that work, just build a real website and promote it. You'll invest the same amount of time, but you'll spend more money. The compensation is that you'll have results you can actually track and work to improve. And if you build a shopping cart, people can actually purchase your product online.
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    I don't know why people say that Facebook is bad for businesses!
    I am doing offline Facebook marketing for small and large businesses for more than 1,5 year and is great.
    But you have to know what you are doing and what is based for search on Facebook it really sometimes shoot in the dark but 99% is spot on right.
    I haven't found one of my sites even yesterday but today it was OK and I tested it numerous times and it perform flawlessly.
    It's AWESOME tool for business owners but we as marketers have to teach them how to do it right way.
    Now let me get to your question...did you maybe unpublish it in manage permissions tab on your page? That would make it only visible to admin. Go to edit your page and 2nd tab manage permissions - the first option is page visibility - you should uncheck this option if it's checked.
    Or just get some likes and it will be OK.

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      Thank you so much. I really appreciate your help. Permit me this one question:how can I get like messages when I can't see it myself? How I promote this site without giving the page address to somebody knowing that they can't fine me?
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    Hello Friends,

    I do not know why people say that Facebook is bad for business, I am not agreed for them. Last there years I am doing Facebook marketing for big and small business and organizations but I have not faced any problems to create page, design page, promote of page almost that is great.

    I think once you make a page and promote it and daily attractive wall posting on them, really you will be find on searches
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        I have also the account on face book.It is difficult to searching but many benefits are there.
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    Hello all,

    I also agree with your comments all of you are absolutely right. But you can't ignore that Facebook is one the biggest Social network which is now a days using every person. May their are some mistakes in it but it is beneficial as well.
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      Guys, Facebook is the most powerful communication platform in all of human history so you NEED to learn the best way to utilise it and you need to convey this to the clients that you are serving!

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    Try to add more and more friends on facebook ,which can help you much .You also need add content and photos in fan page to keep new .

    Elite Art & Craft Factory

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      people need a reason to 'like' your page, if you create a page and then don't interact people have no reason to like it. in terms of not showing up on the fb search tool, i wouldn't worry about that, i don't think that search feature gets used too much. if you have offline channels that your using for marketing you can incorporate those into getting more fans. you can use a QR code that people can scan with their phone and take them right to your page, therefore avoiding the whole search tool. facebook is a vital part of marketing these days, you just have to be creative and learn how to use it best for your situation.
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    I ask myself why I hit the like button of a certain Fb page.

    - If it's a blog, if I find a post amusing, I'll read on the others. If I like it too, then I hit the like/follow button.
    - I think they're (the admins) are too cool.
    - I learn new things from the product/blog/service that the page is promoting.
    - I am really crazy about the product/blog/service that the page is promoting.
    - I need to know the latest craze about the establishment that the page is promoting.
    - I joined a contest/giveaway where I was required to like that certain page. (haha)

    In short, one has to be involved with whatever the page is promoting. Or some emotions have been stirred while coming across with the page.
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    I don't use Facebook for business, but Chris Farrell loves it, so if you need help or advice, maybe you could check him out. The only reason I don't use Facebook is that I don't want my friends or family knowing about my online business ventures as I won't get peace from people asking for money or coaching or just to mock me. I'd prefer to use Twitter, and recently starting to use Google +, as I don't use those for personal use.

    But, in order to be successful with Facebook, you need to tell people about it (e.g. post a status about it) and give people and incentive to 'Like'. Maybe you could split an article into 2, with the first part available to everyone and the second for those that like your page. Or you could give away something like an ebook, audio, video tutorial, graphic's package, ...

    For more of my knowledge, go to my blog at MatthewWellington.co.uk

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    Pls link up up to your guy. maybe he can be of help.
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