Making the Case for Reputation Management

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I was on Craigslist last night going through the different sections and came across something that might come in handy for Warriors who offer Reputation Management as a service.

Specifically, there were posts bashing this guy's business (probably not unusual), but then they took it a step further and posted the link to a website they had setup saying that this business was a rip-off.

I don't offer reputation management services, but here is the link in case those of you who do wish to add it to your swipe file of reasons why a business might need such a service.

Hope that helps.

Rip Off

Beware of Bill's Boats concord!!!!!!!
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    wow that sucks.

    Just here to see the shenanigans.

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    Different than Passive / Defensive Reputation Management, Active/Defensive reputation problems occur when an attacker continues to post negative information - the freshness of the information makes reputation problem solving more of a challenge. Active/Defensive Reputation Management normally takes the form of blog posts or editorial comments. Freshness of content can have much the same effect as engaging in search engine optimization to make a negative search result rise.
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        Originally Posted by rambo9600 View Post

        Jones Marine Rip Off

        He posted checks from the guy without deleting info. :rolleyes:

        One of the reasons I hate the Internet. Idiots can say whatever they want and destroy a business.

        I've seen several businesses get built up on Yelp, then destroyed overnight and out of business.

        Retail customers SUCK!

        It's a dual edged sword. If you run a service business you can benefit just as easily as lose. Give no customer the excuse to crucify you and you'll be OK (mostly)
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