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You can now Auto-Like your Facebook Status in a Easiest Way..

All you need to do is to enable your subscriber mode and always set your status to public so that other application users will automatically like your status every time you auto-like your post.

Check it out at: fb-autoliker.com

Here's the tutorial on How to use the Facebook Auto-Liker.

1.) Go to, facebook.com/about/subscribe/

2.) You will see a green button named, "Allow Subscribers" click it.

3.) Go to your privacy settings, by clicking the settings on your upper right corner near your name beside Home and click the Privacy Settings.

4.) In privacy settings, you can see "Control Your Default Privacy", make your's public by clicking the circled button below Public'

5.) Go to your Profile and make your latest status visibility into public.

6.) Now go to, fb-autoliker.com

7.) Once your already in the website, click red button saying "Get Your Access Token" then you will be automatically direct on the steps on how to get the access token, click the "CLICK HERE" button in number one there.

8.) You will automatically direct to your news feed/home and Copy the code which is your access token on your link/url in your taskbar, after access_token= until expires_in=0

For example,
AgwGsBAEdZClNlS5fgAUw3dVsb3SxBglNwFSDz3R7ZBjbb7E0p hC49DjyN7JyrNVE4dIZAZB7mGUvlwpbMKTLZASNNUs9r8gCeyV TWAHreensGi&expires_in=0

9.) Now, go back to fb-autoliker.com, paste your Access Token and click Enter.

10.) Make your status and click autolike.

You call also watch the tutorial on how to use the Auto-Liker
* youtu.be/zVMVxb4M_aM

VIOLA. It's done. HAPPY LIKING! Good Day Everyone

WEBSITE: fb-autoliker.com/

FORUM: botarea.com/
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