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I have been fortunate enough not to have to make formal proposals. All my business has been through referrals.

Since my business is expanding, I am looking for a proposal template that can be modified for the situation. Not looking for a power point template.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Many thanks!

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    Search on Amazon for the book:

    The One-Page Proposal: How to Get Your Business Pitch onto One Persuasive Page

    I like this method... it keeps everything concise without giving away the farm. This way they can't turn around and use your proposal as a requirements doc to shop around other vendors.


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    Website: http://www.yourwebaddress
    Email: info@yourwebadress.com Tel: 0999999999

    To: The CEO,
    XYZ Corp

    Dear Sir,


    I run (or We are) a small IT consultancy that delivers Internet & E-business solutions to small, medium and large companies in and outside [Country].

    As a [talk about your qualifications a little and how long you've been in the business if this adds value]--Mine is one short paragraph or so in length--a quick read not to bore the reader.

    I (We) have offered a variety of services over the years to include web design, web site marketing and promotion as well as consultations and corporate/individual E-business training sessions.

    The web site package you will receive from us is guaranteed to be of top quality.

    The aforementioned package will give you a high level of professional branding and a web presence that comes with peace of mind and an increase in business enquiries if well promoted on and off the Internet.

    Please visit: 1) http://www.samplesite1.com 2) http://www.samplesite2.com
    and 3) http://www.samplesite3.com to see some samples of sites built.

    We guarantee simple sites that effectively offer up results.

    Your web development project will be handled promptly and expertly upon receipt
    of a 70% down payment. Depending on project size, work is usually completed in 2-3
    weeks at which time the 30% balance payment will be due before the site can be fully
    uploaded. Please find attached a price list of web development services offered--[Yes I do add price if the client is a small mom and pop type business, for larger firms I don't add price, I quote after a full length meeting or 2].

    If you require services not listed, please let me know your requirements and I will
    promptly tailor a solution to fit your needs.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Adekunle Olomofe (Mr)
    Internet & E-business Consultant Since 1997

    The above got me my first set of clients and was closing at 60% (of course I added some pep talk before sending in the letter, so it wasn't cold mailing, but qualified prospects).

    What I found was others were sending in 10-30 page monsters that no one seemed to want to read, so I did the opposite and got my foot in the door more than half way in with a short letter and price list where it applied. I also have another couple of longer proposals but those are for larger companies. This worked well on the smaller guys... or folks who didn't really know if they wanted a site etc... so I tried not to overwhelm them, now smaller folks may not be your crowd but if this sample helps you in any way, I am happy



    RIGHTS TO THE ABOVE SAMPLE: You may use the sample but you have no rights to sell it or give it away in any way shape or form.
    Celebrity Marketing Formula - How To Quickly Become A Celebrated Authority In ANY Industry/Niche... Coming Soon.
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    I think the above proposal looks great.

    I have also tested out short letters (thinking no one had time to read longer ones).

    However, all I do now is cold call.

    Saves me time and gets faster responses. Also, I am a pretty good sweet talker.

    If it wasn't illegal to record phone conversations I would make a WSO lol.
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      This is simple and direct to the point. So helpful too, though i always use the ones a bit more detailed than this. I'll give this a trial now because I'm writing one now.
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