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by EMuu
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Looking for some advice for a client... I am new to SEO and the Warrior Forum for the most part. I got my start with my business shooting low budget videos mainly to use for youtube channels for my clients. I got into providing SEO services for clients per a friends suggestions who is a well established warrior.

I am working with a Doctors office with 5 doctors specializing in physical therapy. I have already started a backlinking campaign for local long tail keywords and I am about to shoot a short 2 minute video of their practice.

My question is, what should I do with the video or suggest to them to do with it after it is done? All I have mentioned is that they can create a youtube channel and put it on their site as well... I read in one post you can implement into Google Places...

Suggestions on things to do with the video/upsells with it?
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    I would try and get them to do about 10 videos that are 30-45 seconds each. Also get some videos of testimonials, location, etc. Plaster them all over the homepage, put them on youtube, vimeo, and all the other video sharing sites.

    Put them on his Facebook wall, but space them out.

    Put 5 of them on Google Places. Rotate them out every couple months.

    Put them on TV if they have the budget.

    Use them on landing pages for your adwords campaigns.
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    Thanks Mike! Not a bad idea, I am shooting a lot of footage so I might break it up into smaller videos too.
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    Educational videos may be a good route. It's a technique I use, especially in more competitive niches. So instead of just testimonials or "commercials" be creative and have the doctors give 90 sec lessons on something that they are experts in. Search for keywords such as "how to..."
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      That could be a good fit... They do Physical Therapy so it could be a quick video explaining sources of pain and some good tips to help relieve it.
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