Anyone Using DotComSecrets Local?

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If so can you give us a review, some real life results etc.

Ive been searching thick and thin and too be honest I have not found much. Either its because Russel from DCS is having no luck signing people, people are signing and its not really working as in bringing in the moola or its working really well and people are like "screw everybody, I aint tellin no one about this.."
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    Hi Andrei,
    That same question was asked here ....maybe a month ago or so.
    You should be able to find it with a search.

    There was a handful of replies....
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      This is it here:

      No one has reviewed with results to speak of from what I can see.

      Ive also placed another thread in the review section of the forum, so far no replies.

      Its very bizarre to be honest. Normally warriors are all over stuff like this.
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        Thousand dollar price tags limit the audience right there, especially around here where a lot of guys have enough skillz to skip the 1 grand layout and spend that cash doing what they already know works for them. Everyone that I know that bought it has mixed feelings on the content...ranges from excellent to mediocre, only know of about 10% of them that have actually made enough to call it worthwhile. That said, most agree the tips and such are an ok value...but hell if it's tools I want, a grand buys a ton. Like every other thing that crew has turned out, the feel good factor takes precidence over continuity. The thing that gets me with local is, I have not seen a single sales support ad in 1.5 years anywhere offline, for this thing, not saying anything beyond that, just haven't seen an ad anywhere.
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