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Blame it on my journalism degree but I can't help but believe this idea is not being done in your town. The idea is to create a newspaper snippet.

There is a site that calls itself "The Newspaper Clipping Generator". It is free. I am NOT an affiliate and don't think they even have an affiliate program. It doesn't make much sense to pay someone to use your free service IMHO.

Anyway, the site is

The Newspaper Clipping Image Generator - Create your own fun newspaper

They do ask that you not use the names of real newspapers or persons. I wouldn't use the real name of a newspaper for any reason. But I would use the business name in the snippet.

It could be the best attention getter you have in yor arsenal since the locals are used to seeing the daily newspaper and probably advertise in it. It is probably easier for them to identify with that than some of the lingo we toss at them.

I have not used this tool as of yet but will gently sneak it into my quiver and use it on select businesses.

If you like the idea, use it. If you don't, don't kill the messenger. I know the guy and he means no harm :-).
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  • Yeah... I've seen this before and definitely agree that this can be used creatively w/ offline marketing
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      I really like this

      I sent out a direct mail once with several stats about mobile use etc, i wanted them to look like newspaper clippings and I can tell you, it took me an age to photoshop them until they looked right. Could've saved myself literally hours with this.

      Good find!
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    It's mad innit. You posted this little gem 4 days ago.

    Only 1oo and something people have even bothered checking it out and only 4 of us actually thanked you.

    If you'd stuck the words Rock Star or Offline Gold or Client Grabbing Trick, added a fee of $9.99 and got a few of your buddies to hype it you'd have probably made a fortune.

    Anyway, this is a neat trick to have in the old armoury and I just used it for the first time on one of my sites.
    So thanks Sandalwood.
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    I'm available for hire...

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      I clicked some of the other links/tools Boy what a way to waste an hour:}

      Thanks tho
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    This is a really fun tool.

    However, must not spend all day 'playing'.


    Never Mistake Activity for Accomplishment

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