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Our local Chamber of Commerce charges a sliding scale of annual fees with sole traders and partnerships paying much less than a business that employs 100+ people, for example.

Has anyone used a sliding scale for charging for directory listings, or is that making things too difficult?
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    I think flat rate is better..... keep it simple.

    That being said, a sort of sliding scale can be applied. The bigger companies with more money can be given multiple opportunities to pay more.

    Such as:
    Treat your home page like beachfront properties. Charge premiums for top banners, featured listings, top carousel listings, top category listings, other ads, etc.

    Have a newsletter......charge a premium rate for a solo mailing....charge a lesser rate for a couple of paragraphs when there's multiple companies participating.

    Also, in regards to generating a list, visitors need a reason to leave their email address behind for a reason other than receiving ads.
    If you add coupons to the mix, make them register and put email acceptance in the terms.
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      Thanks for your helpful post, Jerry.

      Currently I have the listings and categories on the home page, so I'll move those to another page and have featured listings and an email signup on the home page.

      Can't imagine why I didn't think of a solo mailing offer as I've used that strategy in the past (but not with a directory).
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