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Can anyone please refer me to a good resource, paid or free, offering training on local keyword research?


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    Here is what I do...

    First find a niche like roofing and write out general non-city assigned keywords like these,

    roof repair
    roofing companies
    roofing contractors
    metal roofing
    commercial roof
    cedar shake
    cedar shake roofer
    gutter installation
    gutter installer

    The I go here, www(DOT)5minutesite.com/local_keywords(DOT)php

    Put in your desired center location zip code and I personally put in a radius of 50 miles. This gives me plenty, and if you are familiar with the area you will see that they would not go beyond these cities. If this doesn't make sense it soon will.

    The only options I have checked are,

    *Include Cities in Results
    *Include `Location Keyword` & `Keyword Location` in Results
    *Include all USA State Abbreviations in Locations

    Copy and paste your previously written keywords into the box.

    Hit submit button.

    This gives me a list between 2,500 and 4,700 different keywords. Copy and paste all of those into Excel. From here I usually do one of two things.

    1. Log into my Adwords account and go to the keyword research tool. Paste all the new keywords here and then sort by number of searches per month locally. I take the top keywords and plug them into Market Samurai. And there you go.


    2. I go to Fiverr and hit up this guy... fiverr(DOT)com/spencer_/do-keyword-research-for-your-nichebusiness

    He will take it from there and deliver great keywords.

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      That seems like a good method. I will try it out. I definitely like the first link you gave. Really helpful. Thanks.
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    That is a way to generate keywords, you can do that in google adwords tool and get search numbers. But it is most important to know what your competition is for the 1st page of google. I use market samurai, which works pretty good at evaluating the competition.
    You can also download SEO for Firefox to analyze the first page of google and that can help.

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    Thanks everyone, for the replies
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    For keyword research there are many different methods out there. One which I've found useful is with scrapebox.

    Scrapebox gives you a lot of related keywords - just enter a term and scrape, delete all unrelated keywords, scrape the results from the first search ..this will give you broader longtail keywords.

    When done, remove duplicate keywords, fire up traffic travis or just use the google adwords tool.

    Load your list, get the results in an excel sheet - delete searches with less than 880 or 800 for local keywords (I usually target 1000 and above) and go on and edit the list based on your personal preference. - and you have a nice clean profitable list ready for your use

    I don't use this method that often, I have another which works well for me - this however does get the job done though.
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      If you really wants to learn about the research on keyword.Try Google adword.It is a master tool for finding the keywords for your website.
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    Use the Local Keyword Research Tool to get new keyword ideas. This tool will help you for preparing initial keywords list for search engine result pages.
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    I only use google adwords.
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