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Im just doing some research on lead generation, trying to figure out if I want to go rent a site or lead generation route.

I have a site now that is ranking for some keywords and im working on more keywords, so when im finished I would like to have all 10 keywords ranked and I should be getting at least 500+ hits to my website. Ofcourse I dont think one business would be able to handle so many leads (100+ if convertions are good, hopefully), I dont know maybe they can.
But what im wondering is how do you guys manage selling to multiple clients in the same niche?
How do you track the calls and forward them to the clients?
I wouldnt be selling the same leads to all clients, would be individual leads per client.
Are there any free wso's or good threads out there that I may have missed? Id be able to buy a good wso next month since I spent about 300 bucks on softwares this month, totally worth it tho. Anyways back on track.
I like the idea of just selling leads rather then having to deal with a client nagging about how the website is doing and "can you tweak this and do that." Is there a lot of nagging in lead gen?

Mk, imma do some more googling on lead generation!
Thanks for the time n reading and help!
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    Do some more searching on the forums about lead gen. There are plenty of threads here where people have shared their experiences. There is less nagging in lead gen since it's your site. However if you do not get leads then you don't make a sale.

    Just here to see the shenanigans.

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      If you're getting 500 hits to your site I think you may be over estimating the number of leads you'll actually be getting. However, it's quite common for leads to be sold to multiple clients. Internet lead brokers are expected to sell their leads 3 - 5 times to the same niche. It's done by actually calling and selling the leads usually.

      But, the first thing you need to do is see how many leads you're actually getting.
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    Personally I'd sell leads to just one client and use the fact that only they get the leads so they don't have to compete against others as a unique selling point as the main benefit.
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    Both methods are acceptable in the insurance business.

    I prefer exclusive leads, but many vendors do shared leads to X limit of buyers.

    You just need to understand your client and his industry.

    Also think not only of shared leads, but aged leads as well.

    There's a lot of value in, say, an aged Medicare Supplement lead. Folks who switch are apt to do it again as prices go up annually and aren't unfamiliar with changing insurance.

    Good luck,
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    I think the multiple lead issue will depend on what industry you are in. Personally, I offer exclusive to all my clients. It creates a solid, trusting relationship and have found it has led to other opportunities than if I was selling to competitors. If you truly are getting 100 leads then there is most likely a guy in your area that is setup to handle that much business. Find him and be his go to guy. Partnering with the biggest has advantages. I too would be surprised if you convert 20% to paying leads, but maybe you have a sweet niche/region that you should really develop.
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