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Hey people,
I hope there might be someone in here that's familiar selling to builders?
Before I go out there and try my luck selling products to builders, it would be good to have a plan.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to go about this? Apart from offering them a better cost (I'm sure they get these people coming in weekly), so I need something to set me apart from the rest.

Any ideas would be helpful, thanks guys.
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    What kind of builders?
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      This is impossible without knowing what you have to offer. It
      does not matter who the builder is as much as why you.

      What is it about doing business with you that is different
      than the others?

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    Are you trying to drive interested prospective customers to them?

    What solutions do you plan to use to accomplish this?

    How effective do you believe you'll be?
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      Thanks for the interest guys,

      I'm new to this business, although a close friend of mine owns a successful metalworks company. He does work ranging from handrails, to balustrading, to drainage solutions.

      He's given me an opportunity to sell his products(I'll probably start off with drainage) to make some money for myself and to bring him more business. My prices will be well below the wholesale price that he usually sells for.

      So I'm guessing that to really make some good money off this offer, I need to find people who would buy regularly/buy in big amounts such as builders.

      I've been told that builders receive offers all the time, even weekly. So I'm looking for some ideas on how to set myself apart from the rest, and I shouldn't have a problem offering them what they need at a good price.

      His products are of good quality, and he has a few contracts with big companies. It's just that he doesn't really have time go out and find new business.
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    It is all about price, quality and delivery....nothing else!
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    You should create a creative tactic that you think can attract customers. Low prices, fair delivery charges and good product qualities. Offer good and fair deals which you have advantage on but is fair for the customers. Just be creative and resourceful.

    Best of Luck!
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    I guess it just comes down to product quality, price, and efficiency?
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    It's late and im tired but this is just a thought.

    Maybe, take some of the products with you when you go out to meet perspective clients. This way you can show them the quality, durability ect. Since you know the guy maybe you can get some samples without having to purchase them.

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