Getting Clients Effortlessly: Let's Get This Straight, It's Possible

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Disclaimer: I have been running my design firm for about a month now, after being in the high end auto detailing industry for 5 years. When I started my detailing business, I struggled to get 3 clients a month at first. Within 2 years, it got to the point where every morning I'd wake up and expect at least 2 calls that day for jobs ranging from $200-800. It didn't happen overnight, but there is no better feeling then having clients wanting to work with you and soliciting you instead of the other way around.

I decided to make this post because I've been seeing a lot of people on these forums mentioning how people who claim to get clients effortlessly are simply bending the truth to make themselves sound more successful or what not. I want to put an end to this type of thinking here and now.

The only way you can make your business attract clients is if you actually begin by believing that in x amount of time, it will. Once this is done and you have an image of an ideal workday that you are willing to work towards, you can begin putting systems into place.

1) Decide to be the best.
Staying motivated and focused is much easier when your goal is simple. To be better today than you were yesterday...every day. This could include implementing an auto-mailed $25 Starbucks gift card whenever a client spends $2,000 with you, designing a referral engine to implement in an e-mail campaign to you client base, or answering every call by the 3rd ring as opposed to the 6th. There's always something you can do to be better.

2) A Clients' Words Are 10x More Powerful Then Your Own
Testimonials, video testimonials, referrals, case studies, and quotes. Collect as many as you can and use them effectively. Social proof will take you very very far in business. So few businesses understand how valuable it is. You should make it a priority to receive a video testimonial or an audio testimonial from every satisfied client you have. Simply say "You will inspire 100s of business owners to take action just like you did, is that ok with you?" Once you have these testimonials, put them on the home page of your website, the more the better. Put them also wherever your prospects might find you, Google Places, Yelp, etc.

3) Pre-screen Clients
Just because a client is willing to pay you money for your services doesn't mean you should take it. At first when starting, it's ok when you need revenue badly, but after a certain point you need to be selective with your clients. This is crucial to having an authority business. You must be ware of clients who could do harm to your reputation and your workflow. This includes bargain hunters and high maintenance clients.

4) Get To The Top of Google (It'll take you a while, start now.)
Think about this...your competitor who is #1 right now for your keyword....started out not even having a website at some point. At that point, another competitor was #1, and he knocked him down. Start ramping up your SEO efforts for your own business today, and don't stop until you are #1. It took me 7 months to get to #1 and I held it until I closed the business. Best business move I've ever made.

5) Tune Your Referral Engine
Want to take your business to the next level? Start by pretending that you have a referral engine. This referral engine, when used, gives you 3 referrals a month on it's own. This just means your happy clients are telling their network about your work, without you asking them to. You can increase the output of your referral engine exponentially by running some diagnostics, examining it, and tuning it. There are hundreds of ways to tune your referral engine, pick up a few books on referral based marketing and educate yourself on them.

6) Never Stop Innovating, Learning, and Testing
Constantly strive to offer a better service, charge a higher premium, lower your costs, provide more value to your customers, and make them say "Wow". Businesses who provide a good service are a dime a dozen. Want to really live the good life and have a business that you're proud of? Do what you have to until your clients are saying "Wow...". Those are the businesses that can survive any recession or difficult time. Don't get categorized with the "good" businesses...stand apart.

One last thing, books have been written on this topic and I tried to keep it short, so please do your best to refrain from calling BS or saying how I left out so and so. This is just a simple briefing on what it takes to get a business that sells itself. Until you get to that point, you will have to cold call, you will have to take some crappy jobs, you will have to spend 8 hours a day just marketing your business. Hang in there, get through the tough times, and implement the systems necessary to make a great business that any client would love to work with.
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    Thanks for posting this.

    Are your clients US-based?
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    Yes, I need to update that, I lived in Brazil for 6 months, but all business was always done in the US.
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      Glad to see my post was a part of getting you to write this.

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      We have to understand client need and focus on how to satisfy client needs.
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    Excellent post I like it. Running my business on 100% referrals is my ultimate aim. I do visualise it and I know it is going to happen.

    I am busy building out my funnel and part of that is an automated referral engine. Left to my own devices I do not really follow up with my past customers any where near as much as I could so want to get this process as automated as possible.

    I often wonder how big my customer base needs to be to generate the amount of referrals I want?
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    Great post. I find the best way to get clients is face to face. Get off you butt and get out there works wonders for me.
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      I agree. It's simply because of the amount of trust you can build up quickly with your customer in a face to face situation as opposed to cold calling.
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    Excellent Post! It reminds me that I really need to refine my sales and business process.

    Agreed, we should always strive to be better than we were the day before and I know at least in my case my funnel needs work. Among other things...;-)


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    Bom dia Max.

    Norm here. My first site in 1998 was based around my partnership with some folks in Fortaleza for travel. I have been there several times.

    Yes, as you mentioned, you left a lot out, but you didn't set out to write a book. What you said was A1 and Right On.

    I'm very glad that your biz is a success and that you're the kind of guy that feels compelled to share your story.

    There is NO EASY BUTTON when it comes to building a local biz. Even if you do everything right, unless you are the tax man or an undertaker, you're looking at 3 years or so before it takes off.

    But meu Deus (my gosh), what fun it is to watch your hard work bloom into something worthwhile that lasts!

    I'm also the kind of guy to share what I know. To varying degrees there is a lot of that going on here. There are a lot of good hearted people here.

    Thanks again for sharing!!

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    For my current business, I'm working every day to fill my pipeline with quality leads.

    I wake up every morning, get my coffee, and fire up a list of 500 (niche I'm targetting) in Callfire. I introduce myself to each one politely as a web designer who just opened for business...incredible response. Since it's an introduction and not a sales call, EVERYONE is polite and makes my day go by smoothly. In about 200 calls I have 20 interested leads, $200 billed on a one call close, and out of those 20 about 5 I'm sure will get a website with me.

    It's a great feeling waking up every morning knowing that you will find someone who actually will say "Yea i've been meaning to get my website redone..." over and over that day.

    At first cold calling is terrible. You need to optimize your pitch/introduction, find your target client, and feel free to walk away or hang up if you aren't speaking to someone you don't want as a client.
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    I heart #4....that is the Golden Egg my friends. They all started at the bottom at one time. Just need to be better than the other guy...learn from this Forum and "Just Do It" (Nike)

    4) Get To The Top of Google (It'll take you a while, start now.)
    Think about this...your competitor who is #1 right now for your keyword....started out not even having a website at some point. At that point, another competitor was #1, and he knocked him down. Start ramping up your SEO efforts for your own business today, and don't stop until you are #1. It took me 7 months to get to #1 and I held it until I closed the business. Best business move I've ever made.

    Learn Digital, Internet and Social Media Marketing For Your Business
    Click here to learn more - Digital and Social Media Marketing Training Course

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    Thanks for the sharing. Another item to add on is to create the brand. Make yourself different from others, so you can stand out too. I know this is hard, and I personally still working on that, but if this is ever achieved, you are the top of the cream. So, should always set this as the ultimate goal.
    Stay consistent and FOCUS!
    This is the best system to succeed in internet marketing.
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    I was reading somewhere about the power of testimonials. 92% of people trust testimonials from people they know, but 70 something % still believe testimonials from people they do not even know.

    It's really is that important to have effective testimonials.
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    • Hey Max,

      I think everything you mentioned was pretty self explanatory but I'd like to know how you went about generating a Referral Engine?

      I've messaged all of my connections on Linkedin (90% of which have seen my work) letting them know I'd offer them 15% for any referrals they pass my way.

      I got a couple who said they would keep me in mind (probably back of mind), a couple no responses and others who kinda blew me off.

      How do you recommend setting up a Referral Engine?
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    Do you use a script?? I know you say bascially the same thing over and over again to these business owners but is there something that you typcially use when you are talking to them. I know when I cold call alot of business automatically make up their mind that they are not interested because they believe that I've trying to sell them something or push something on them. Which is so not the case.
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    Good informative post written from your own experience I think. What the total things are setting target and making strategy to fill up the target, a very simple message, right?

    check out the Pros and Cons of CPA

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    Referral Engine
    1) Determine how much you would spend to buy one client. Example: Right now I'm selling mobile websites at $500. I would spend $400 personally to get one client. In theory, you're giving away $400 and getting $500 back. $100 profit

    2) Now that you know that you can buy a client...put a system in place. Here's one I use.
    Example: After I build a $500 mobile website and get paid. I show them a piece of paper with space for 5 contacts. I ask them to fill it out with people they think would need a mobile website or a website. If 3/5 buy a website at $500+ from me, I give them a check for $500. They basically got a free mobile website from me. If 4/5 buy from me, I give them a check for $600. If 5/5 buy from me, I give them a check for $700.

    Cold Calling
    1) Never sell them something, introduce yourself as a neighbor who just happens to have a lawnmower if they ever need one.
    Example: "Hey Jim? This is Sundaymorning, I just opened up my web design studio here in town, wanted to give you a brief call and introduce myself. You guys aren't looking to have any web work done in the near future are you by any chance?"
    2) I'm actually going to make a thread about the winning theory behind cold calling...don't want that golden nugget to get buried.
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    • Profile picture of the author sundaymorning
      YES!!! Thank you so much. You know this particular thread really got me going today because it was so positive and I've actually saved it on my favorites.
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