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So Ive been working over 10 hour days trying to make this website work. Now I have my homepage done and would like to know what you think about it. The main thing is what you think about the affiliate products with click bank. What should I do to make people want to buy the products. Should I add more products? Are there any better products. I have 3 so far. For my site is it better to sell the product or wright an page review? Should I keep ads up on my home page? Remember this is a hybrid car site with an alternative energy section. The ads is what I make for the hybrid cars content.

Can some one tell me what to do. I know its trail and error but you can only fail so much before you ask for help. I'm not the person to give up. So to all you money making gurus what do I need to do? What would you do if you had my website in your hands?

www.elitehybridcars.com this is the website.
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    The affiliate products are a mish mash if you can even find them. You've got all these ads on the site for everything from home foreclosures to resume services...

    It is a site about hybrids, where are the clickbank affiliate pages for hybrid technology.

    You have 3 products, what and where are they?

    Hope you aren't counting on this site for some bank...cause it is NOT going to happen. It is a busy on the eyes site with ADS everywhere.

    Good luck, but you'll need tons of it to make a buck with this car wreck.


    PS The fact I went looking for your ads and couldn't see any, should tell you something about the design.
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        I'll give my critiques.

        1) Between the header and the adsense bar below it, on the internal pages, there is almost nothing above the fold. The header is way too big IMO.

        2) There is way too much going on on this site without nearly enough structure. You need to have more clearly defined elements. I.e. you have crammed articles in the sidebar, in the main page area the way the articles are styled changes from piece to piece. People are going to come to this site, a small cartoonish puff of smoke is going to erupt from the top of their heads, and they're going to leave.

        3) This site is clearly a whole bunch of content put up purely for the sake of having content up and the content is clearly there just to prop up ads. While I certainly don't have a crystal ball to be able to say for certain, I'd bet my last dollar that the way the site is right now, it has almost zero success of succeeding in Google.

        This site is a perfect example of exactly what Google is going out of it's way right now to keep out of it's rankings.

        My Recommendations:

        1) Work on getting the structure of the site much clearer, and much more user friendly. Trying to use every bit of available space to pack in every piece of text or banner you can doesn't make for good design or friendly user experience.

        Get the articles and big blocks of text out of the sidebar. Get the content pieces in the main body better separated and style them uniformly (i.e. title position, photo position). If you want to mix things up, you can use different types of content, i.e. featured, regular, etc. But you shouldn't have 6 articles each with 6 different styles.

        In summation, less clutter, more structure.

        2) Put up some content relevant to what people might actually be looking for when they come to your website. For instance your article "New Hybrid Cars", is clearly filler content that doesn't really provide any real information or serve a purpose other than filler.

        Put some time into research and find out what questions, concerns, or points of interest people have when searching on and researching hybrid cars. Write up original content based around that. Just remember, Google is king, and they have an army of people whose job it is to combat filler content and keep it down, and they're very good at it.

        3) Corral your ads. Your ads take up essentially an equal amount of space as your content, and they're very intrusive. Working adsense into your content is a good idea, but it has to be blended well and placed strategically.

        You've got three big adsense blocks on the homepage alone, and then two affiliate promotions. That's five big ads compared to five pieces of content (which isn't strong content to begin with). That's too much for this site. You need to reduce the footprint of your ads compared to your content and work on placing them more optimally.

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    You have gave me the clearest review yet. I thank you for that. Websites need to look like a news paper not a comic book.
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