First Step To Cold Calling Like a Pro

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I wanted to make this thread because I see a lot of topics touching on this idea but very few making it clear. I'm referring to the theory of cold calling. If you can actually understand this concept, you won't get discouraged and frustrated as easily when hitting the phones.

Cold Calling is Like Mining for Gold

The only way a mine can make profit is by finding gold. (duh) How do they do it? A mine's objective is make an educated prediction where the gold will be, and begin removing everything that's not gold. Made up fact: It takes 20 tons of soil to find 100 grams of gold.

What this means for you: You profit from cold calling, by removing everything that's not gold. The more unqualified leads you remove or reject (or they reject you), the closer you are getting to your sale.

A mine can predict how much soil it has to displace to get some gold. You can also predict how many calls you have to make before you get a sale. Every time somebody says no or hangs up, SMILE, you're one step closer to the person who needs your services.
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