Is it difficult to rank in Google Places?

by D37
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I'm just wondering how difficult and how long it takes to rank a business in Google Places for large cities with a keyword that would get at least 3000 [exact] searches a month?
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    Before you can optimize your website, social media profiles, or anchor text for link building, you have to know what keywords you want to use. You can use the Google AdWords Keyword Tool.
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    Such a keyword sounds competitive but it's by no means impossible. There is loads of information on Google Places in the SEO forum, I suggest you have a read there.

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    Thanks. Will research it more

    Thank you to everyone on WF for all the great information, help, support, and kindness you have all shared!

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    you have to fill all the information accurately in the required fields in the google places page especially email id, physical address, description and select the appropriate category and you also have to fill additional information, strategically use your keyword and mention geographical location.
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    Q: Is it difficult to rank in Google Places?
    A: As far as I'm aware you automatically get placed on a map for the area concerned with Google Places (please correct me if I'm wrong).
    A: To get ranked in a Google search you need keywords specific to you web site and web page. The best place for this research is the Google AdWords Keyword Tool (FREE).
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    All you need is a good optimized local listings. Few good comments with 5 star and you can even reply the person who comments on your listing like that will work more with you and all that stuff.
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    Citations and Ratings will give good ranking in google
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