suggestions for a noob?

by GeroC
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Hello all,

I was wondering if anyone knows what a marketing newbie could do offline in a city with 2.3 mill population? one of the most popular intersections here must receive atleast 70,000 people a day and I thought this would be great to stand there and hand out flyers or postcards with affiliate offers that target the masses. But I have seen people taking about how they are doing this stuff, and notice someone always says something along the lines of you can get banned from the affiliate network for doing that, or fined for handing them out. Does anyone know where I could find affiliate products to offer offline and not get in trouble for it?

A bit about me - I have never done any marketing except the 5 courses I took in Business school. I have learned alot about marketing in the last few years and am very passionate about it. I am very creative and I think outside the box easily. I know basic HTML and CSS but only made websites in Business school and they didnt turn out that great but I got good marks. I am a fast learner and got very good grades in college (honors), not bragging just want to show that I put my all into learning.

I hope this starts up a good conversation with lots of ideas for any new warriors that join the site and perhaps older members aswell

Thank You
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