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I am following the Bower 2.0 guide and am planning on getting a restaurant directory up and running.

I am curious what one would consider the expectations that one would place on the telemarketers hired.

They will be using the script provided in the guide.

I am trying to determine number of calls per hour and a rough idea of what one would expect for closes.

Thanks for any help
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    From what I heard a good telemarketer can make a close on these listings about every 2 to 3 hours. But that was in a sales room scenario where you have other telemarketers, managers, and that atmosphere that helps drive sales.

    Maybe John will see this and be able to give you a more experienced answer.
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    Thanks for the thoughts Max, that is exactly the kind of information I am looking for.

    Yeah I was hoping for some of the tele-gurus to jump in with some thoughts.

    Have an awesome day world
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    150 calls should result in 10 full pitches. 10 full pitches should result in 1 sale. However the first sale may not come in the first 10 pitches. It may come in the second 10 pitches along with the second sale.

    Thus you want 300 phone calls, 20 pitches and 2 sales per day. That is the forumula for success as John puts it and as I have witness.
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    That's awesome thanks Michael, that is exactly the kind of information that I was looking for.

    How many phone calls do you expect your average telemarketer to make in an hour...again...I understand not an exact science but just trying to ensure I set appropriate real world boundries for those I hire.
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