How to recover from google's Penguin Update?

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Guys... Do you have any suggestion....
After Google's Penguin update, my websites just lost their way.... There was a time when they were on top of the google.. but even i can not search them on google.. they are just lost... please help...
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    Same about as you guys. All my niche sites got hit from being in top 3 or first page for their main keyword and now all are back in the 250-300 spots and some I can't even find now beyond page 30.

    I always find it weird that when these changes come about all my sites take the hit and not just a few. It must a common thing about all of them that triggers all to fall at the same time and not just a random few. So far this was the biggest hit for my sites compared to other updates when I just got knock off from page 1 to maybe page 2-3 and then worked it back again to regain postions (by using BMR), but to see it all go away again.

    I just don't know if it was more than an algo update with my sites because it just seems so extreme to drop like that overnight unless it's some sort of penalty. I'm not sure if they can recover at this stage with such a huge drop this time. Might consider doing the the profitable sites again with new domains and content.

    But I wish I could just pinpoint what exactly it is that killed all my sites? I mean for ones I didn't use BMR they got hit as well. Some I haven't worked in years. Others I updated recently with unique content. The only weird thing is that my client's sites were not affected even though I used BMR service with their sites. I wonder why that was? This can only lead me to believe that it might have something more to do with onpage factor than offpage in my situation if the BMR service was used for all sites, but only my adsense microniche sites took a hit.

    Looking for any sort of feedback as well to see if anything helps at this stage.

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    just buy a new domain exactly as the old one but with a new extension. Write quality content and do only proper seo. don't over-optimize and don't use softwares.
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      Originally Posted by MarvyDery View Post

      just buy a new domain exactly as the old one but with a new extension. Write quality content and do only proper seo. don't over-optimize and don't use softwares.
      I suspect the key in your response is "software". I think that's the one thing that has caused the biggest amounts of penalties. Stuff that I've worked on has either only moved a few spots on Page One or hasn't moved at all. But I've NEVER used software for backlinks, either.
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    still the same mate.. me too ...
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    any update with this guys... or still hanging around like me???
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    What is the best way to optimize target keywords after Google Penguin Update 1.1
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    Penguin and Panda have basically made it so that if you back link in a manner that either creates an easy to recognize linking profile, blatantly uses frowned upon methods(link networks/paid links), has an over optimized anchor text profile or has low quality content on page or where your back links reside....then you are penalized.

    So if you have ANY of these things in relation to your site, you will most likely be losing rankings.

    The two most common reasons that you might have some of these bad elements is either due to using software to create content/backlinks or that you use paid for services for content/backlinks.

    If you use BMR or anything like might be out of luck.

    You will have to get rid of all the bad content, low quality/bad back links and change up your anchor text to have a more diverse profile.

    Then after that, you will have to start getting much higher quality back links with unique, high quality content. Plus, unlearn all the bad habits you may have picked up along the way.

    There are no shortcuts in Internet Marketing....only pitfalls...
    I'm just an opinionated ******* Today!
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    so what's "proper SEO" these days? Soemtihng G. allows for now?

    just buy a new domain exactly as the old one but with a new extension. Write quality content and do only proper seo. don't over-optimize and don't use softwares.

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      Originally Posted by harryfal View Post

      Honestly, I doubt anyone has recovered yet but that doesn't stop SEOs from sharing tips and techniques
      Most of which is unproven and has no grounding in anything other than theory.

      Originally Posted by harryfal View Post

      The first thing you should know is that this is an algorithmic update, so if you make the right change and Google recrawls, indexes and processes your site - the next time Google runs a Penguin refresh, your site will start ranking again
      Simply not accurate. You should get yourself around some of the webmaster forums, and seen the true extent of this Google screwup. I have heard of nobody recovering yet, and there has been small updates to Penguin.

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    Also here are a few things we can check and do on our site your end:

    1). Clean Up The Server – Log onto your FTP, check to see if you have old files that don’t need to be there, get rid of them…301 redirect any old pages to their new counterpart or new location

    2). Update XML Sitemap – Go through your XML sitemap and delete old urls, add new ones if any, and make sure there are no urls on there that aren’t being redirected.

    3). Titles & Meta Tags – Make sure these are optimized properly and are in the right location. Any chance you can update these?

    4). Content – Try to add good fresh new content that isn’t spammy

    By doing all these we will get our rankings soon. Very sorry about the anchor text and I will change that. Please watch it rise through the rankings again when I have changed anchor text.
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    First off all you have to check your affected part and after that you have to change it accordingly. So You may get free from the search Engine Penalty. i.e. If you have Keyword Stuffing Problem then Change your Content and solve your Problem so than after your site will be free from Google Penalty.
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