3 Secrets of Attracting Offline Clients

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If you are serious about attracting offline clients here three things you must know.

Every serious and successful marketer applies them. These simple strategies get business owners to open up to you, trust you, and in the process to give you money.

On the other hand, well, without them you'll face rejection after rejection.

By the way, I run an offline business myself. These strategies come from having been pitched as well as from discussion with my fellow business owners.

Secret #1

Business owners can smell fear from afar. If you're not confident in what you're selling they may politely listen but they've made up their minds already.


Two reasons:

- If you're not confident, even if what you're selling works they can't be sure you'll follow through with it. You could just be a time waster - and time is precious.

- They can't trust you. If you don't trust yourself, nobody will.

Here is why most Warriors are not confident: it's because they don't know how to show business owners how a mobile site or a Facebook page will result in profits. And if you can't demonstrate that, most serious business owners will ignore you.

Secret #2

You need to be one of them. Look, if you don't see yourself as a business owner (having something of value to offer) you'll come across as someone who is always trying to "get" something.

If you are not a peer, they can't talk to you as an equal. If you're not an equal how can they share their needs with you? Which brings us to the next secret...

Secret #3

Learn to understand business better than the offline clients you're approaching. That's right.

If you educate yourself on business, you have a greater chance of creating value for your clients.

Yes, some business owners will buy a mobile site because everybody has one. But in most situations, you need to come across as someone who is just slightly ahead of them.

So then they'll see you as an advisor - which can lead to you making money.

A strong temptation...

There is a temptation to think this is "not sexy enough". You may tempted that the secret to selling to these people is in the methods or tactics. Nope.

The secret is in you, who you are, what you know, and how you present yourself.

Extra tip

Go to networking events. Listen to what people are saying. Mingle with them as an equal. Do this, and you'll never have to buy another WSO on how to get clients again.
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    You know what really sells more than anything else? Enthusiasm. Sales is the transference of enthusiasm. If the product actually works, get excited and sell the benefits. GET EXCITED!
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    These are truths and some of the begginings of what one must know in sales. Good job. 1. 2. and 3. are all solid and if understood the the fullest will create the sales needed by many.
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    I would add understand your customer's needs to your list. Adding value to your client should be your number one goal, not trying to sell them the latest IM craze because it's what you want to push. Rather, understand what is really going to help grow their business and you'll have built a long term relationship.
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