The reason why I failed!

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I am posting this because today I realized why
I havent accomplished anything yet when it comes to offline
and why calling and talking to business owners has been so hard.

A lil background......

Back in 2007 or so I worked for a home security company in a call center.
I started out taking inbound calls, setting up appointments for prospects
to meet up with our sales/tech guys at their home to give them a free evaluation and quote.

When I started, I didnt think I would make it past the 1st month because I was terrified of talking on the phone. I dont even know what
made me apply for the job in the first place..guess I needed a job really bad:confused:

I slowly gained knowledge of the different systems and services we had to offer and taking the calls became alot easier...I didn't have to try so hard at convincing these people to get a system and to choose us as their service provider. My knowledge and genuine concern did the convincing.
My phone calls didn't sound so scripted anymore. They started sounding more actual conversations between 2 buddies sharing stories about houses that were broken into and whatnot. I actually got in trouble a couple times for spending too much time on the phone and having too much fun with prospects:rolleyes:

I was doing pretty good and got promoted to the 'Web Team' lol.
As apart of the web team, I handled online chats from the website as well as
made outbound calls to the leads we captured through the website's op-tin form.

Granted, this isnt really considered Cold Calling since they actually requested more information (alot of these people denied ever filling the form out),
but It was still calling and talking over the phone which I think so many of us are terrified of.

I was used to receiving calls and answering questions but I wasnt used to dialing out making calls, asking for the decision maker/owner and starting the initial conversation.

It was completely different. I didnt really struggle but It took me
probably a couple weeks or so to get in the groove of things but guess what?

I became one of the top outbound callers......yup! quiet, shy little ole me!

Wanna know How?

1. I knew the product and services we were selling.
I was very CONFIDENT in my knowledge. I had no problem being able to explain to the prospect why they should choose us over our competitor. I did my research. I knew what the competitor had to offer and I knew what we had to offer and I knew that our service was better.

2. I believed in our product and our ability to protect them.
When I first started...I didn't know the first thing about alarm systems. I didn't understand why someone would sign a year contract to pay a company xx amount of money a month just to call the police department lol.
I didn't realize how many homes actually get burglarized. But more and more I became knowledgeable. I began to understand why people needed what we had to offer. I began to believe in what we were offering. By me actually believing in it....this made the prospect believe in it as well.


I tried my hand at realestate wholesaling. For those of you who dont know what that is..Its basically being the middleman.
You find someone who is desperate to sell their home.
You get the house under contract for an amount way below market value and you then sell that contract to an investor for a higher amount.

Well, this business requires you to talk on the phone and guess what?

.....I failed!!! Miserabally!!! Bad!!! Big Time!! lol

I screwed up so many phone calls...omg..its funny now, but at the time...It wasn't.

You know why I screwed up all these phone calls and potential deals?

Because I didnt know the business enough. I knew I read a **** load of ebooks and watched enough video training to know the terminology and basics of how things worked but I didnt know enough be able to respond to questions. I didnt know how to explain to home owners how I could ACTUALLY HLEP THEM....because in reality, I could give 2 ****s about
helping them. My mind was set on trying to get a quick dollar.

I knew what type of sellers to look for and how to find them,
but I couldnt tell them why they should sell their house to me for xx,xxx amount of dollars because I didnt even know myself why they should. And the reasons I gave..I didn't even believe.
All I knew was I needed get their house under contract so I could try and sell it off for more and make a profit....alot of these home owners really get screwed over in the process but a wholesalers job is to act like he/she cares and is trying to help you when in reality all they care about is that check. Wholesaling doesn't thrive on repeat business or customer testimonials....

Anyway...See the difference in outcomes of the two different jobs/ventures that both required me to talk on the phone and sell/convince someone of something?


Ive read several threads over the past week (new & old) where some warrior is hyped about getting a meeting or getting a response to an email but UH OH!

====> They dont know what to offer the business. They dont know how to go about finding out what the business needs. All they know is they got a meeting.

Ive also read several, several threads on cold calling.
Warriors not knowing what to say once you get ahold of the decision maker
or how to keep control of the call. Also just the fear of making a phone call.

My Reason for this thread is this:

If your going to get into offline marketing and want to succeed.

1. Know what your selling.
2. Believe in what your selling.
3. Have confidence in your ability to deliver what your selling.

If you get these shouldnt have a problem w/ talking to business owners because your confident in what you know.

For instance.... Im a graphic designer. If me and you are having a conversation about coding a website, im probabablly not going to be having much input but when that convo moves into the designing part, guess what? You probably wont be able to get me to shut up lol. Why? Because its a subject I know.

Its the same w/ business owners. The convo may start out a lil shaky because your nervous but once you get to explaining what you can do for them and how...all that nervousness will go away, because your
in your groove now...your talking about a subject you like...a subject you know. It should become almost a breeze because you know and believe in the service your selling them. You can answer any questions they may come up with without hesitation or sounding like dumbo dumbass!!

If you cant put a checkmark next to those 3 things above, I dont think you should even be trying to prospect for clients yet...and thats just my own personal opinion. Some of you may not agree.

If I'm a business owner and you met with me trying to sell me on getting a website created w/ a monthly maintenance fee.

Guess what....Im gonna ask you questions!

I want to know why I need a website when my business is doing so great w/out one?
I want to know what Im paying you a monthly fee for.
I want to know what me on the first page of Google is going to do for my business.
I dont want theory...I want to see some numbers.
I want to know what in the world Facebook and Twitter has to do with me selling pizza.

====>If you cant answer these questions, why would I put my business in your hands?

You know what Im going to do? Im going to politely tell you ---Thanks for wasting my time but No Thank You!
And guess what? Your going to go home, fix you a sandwich, pop you a beer open, get all depressed and search the warrior forum for something new to try out.

It doesnt have to be that way though.

If you would have came into this meeting knowing your product, Knowing what it could potentially do for me and my busines and how you were going to do it for me you probabally would have been able to convince me that I needed it last week! and you would have walked out with a check & contract in hand.

Business owners can tell if your BS'n or not. They can tell if you genuinely care about helping their business grow or if your just trying to collect a check. Some may even be able to tell if you really know what your talking about even if they dont know much about the subject just by the way you answer questions or present things.


Why are you making calls when you dont even know what it is your selling?
-Your calling trying to sell SEO service but you cant even rank your own little niche site.

Why are you scheduling meetings when YOU don't even know the benefits of what your selling?
-You really don't know why having an online presence is so important. All you know is that you found a business that doesn't have a website so your going for it.

Anybody can buy a template, tweak a few things and sell it. But can you sell/provide a service? I guess you could outsource it...But how do you know the job is getting done correctly when you don't have a clue about what needs to be done?

This is YOUR business. Outsource because you need to free up time, not because you don't know how to run it. Whats gonna happen when the people you outsource to suddenly disappear or they cant provide the service anymore? Whats gonna happen when Google throws another curve ball? You need to be able to adjust and fast by learning the **** yourself!

All Im saying is find a product/service to sell, know it & own it!
If you cant convince yourself of why somone should hire you, dont expect to convince a business owner.

ps...Im not claiming to know **** about internet marketing. I just started last August/September. You can go back through all my posts and see that Im usually the one asking questions on how
to do something...not giving advice.

BUT, I do know my experiences. And my experiences have tought me that if I know what it is im selling, have confidence in my knowledge and the ability to deliver what it is im selling ... man, things will be 100x easier.

psss...Before anyone asks who am I to give advice or how much money I make offline or yada blah blah blah because surely i have it all figured out right?...

Guess what....This post is to myself! I was writing it in my blog but decided to post it as a thread instead. I AM guilty of this in a major way! Sad thing is I just realized it today (reason for the post). But Im glad I realized it because I know what to do about it now and so do you

Hope this helped someone.
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    Lots of good stuff in that post that people can def learn from.

    Now you need to stop blogging and waiting to see how people respond
    to your post, and go pick up the phone.

    truth be told, it sounds like you have the skill, you just
    need somebody to give you a swift kick in the rear

    Consider this response that swift kick

    Selling Ain't for Sissies!
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    Haha...yea, I know...thanks for the kick.
    If you don't build your dream
    someone else will hire you to help
    build theirs.
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    This thread sums up my big issue with so many of the offline consultants I see here.

    They literally have no idea what they are selling. Yes you need to get out there and sell and make the calls but if you are setting appointments before you even know what to offer you are in trouble. And I question why the business owner even agreed to it.

    If you want to be successful you need to know what you can offer. What your main offer is. What your cost and profit structure is. And if you want to succeed in business you should know all of this(in a basic way) before you ever make that first call.
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