Best ebook creation software?

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I am quite new to IM and want to create an ebook. I have searched the net and Warrior for advice on the best software, but, still not satisfied I've got the answer. I have read from other warriors that Open Office or Microsoft Word is Ok, then to convert to PDF files.
Is that really all I need? Do these programs have the feature where you can click on the chapters and it takes you to the relevant pages? I want to create something that looks good, not, just clinical text.

I'm not finding the answers so far? can anyone help please? Many thanks,
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    Depends on what type of content you'll have and what your final output file will be.

    The two programs you mentioned will work fine especially if you're outputting to PDF and will only have text and images within your document.

    If you plan to add video or audio you might want to take a look at Adobe Acrobat.

    I'm not sure if your familiar with e-pub/enhanced e-pub files but they're open source files that most e-readers/tablets can read. If you publish as an e-pub there are numerous services that will take a PDF and convert it for you.

    Lastly if you plan to make your book into an app I'd look into Quark Xpress or InDesign.
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    Open office > Export To PDF > Done.
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    in my microsoft office word, when I save, I can choose to save as a .PDF as well, I just press on the .docx and the drop-down menu comes up, it says something like .pdf , I choose that and it saves perfectly.
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    I think Open Office or Microsoft Office is enough for the job. After all an ebook is all about content, so you shouldn't really worry about other aspects
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    Highly recommended WSO from Diana Heuser...

    Warmest regards,

    Mark Andrews
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    I use 100% free software to create so many e-book, the software called "DoPDF" you can download it freely....
    it's easy to use it.... just open the software , and then choose the Microsoft office file(s) then click print, it will output as PDF format.
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    MobiPocket Creator is free ebook creator which enables you to add quick HTML tags and image file to your publication. The application is equipped with tables of contents Wizard for you to automatically generate links to the chaps of your ebook along with smart heading extraction.
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    Was in the same position about a month ago.

    Google "Smashwords"... Takes a while to absorb it all, but its the complete story.
    Websites with WordPress
    Free eBook: Download; Backup; Navigation; Forms; Graphics; RSS; Traffic; SEO; Customization; News Letters; eCommerce
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    please check the website, How To Publish An eBook, for the best ebook creator software available on internet !
    The possible format are pdf, kindle..
    enjoy selfpublishing !
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    You can use simple software like open office. It work's great. But that depends on What type of content you want to have in the ebook.

    You can check this site to get an idea

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