Order online functionality - have you ever done it?

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I have the weirdest tendency to get unorthodox clients (although I wouldn't call this order too unusual)

Basically, I'm using wordpress and my client wants his site (he owns a pizzeria) in such a way that he has an order online functionality where the visitor can make an order with either credit card, or order online to pick up and pay with cash at the pizzeria.

For now, I figured I could use K2 store for Joomla, but I'd think a more efficient way is possible.

Maybe somebody who knows about this can chime in on the topic.

I was thinking of using Joomla instead, since they seem to handle this better. I've been searching and there doesn't seem to be a straight answer on how to do this.

I put tags so that maybe somebody in my situation can find an answer in the future upon searching.
#functionality #online #order #site #website

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