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Hey guys! Well, I have a close friend of mine who owns an business offline. I am use to promoting online businesses and mostly work with things like that. Now, having to promote a offline business is completely new to me, it feels. So what should I do? and What could I do in order to promote a business that`s offline?

Is it the same to promote a online business and an offline business? It`s surprising to say that I feel like a complete newbie on this topic even though Ive been doing internet marketing for a bit of time now. Thank you for your help and your time.
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    yeah, I would say promoting offline business to an online one its similar process, links building to get higher rank, good SEO as base, but for local businesses they have advantage, because you can untlise Google+, it will rank really fast, max 30 days, if you use video marketing rightly, perhaps 1 day.

    Best of luck!
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    Don't forget about Offline Marketing, and marketing as a whole for that matter.
    Too many people around here focus on just online marketing. That is just one channel.
    There are several inside online marketing, but it shouldn't be your only focus.
    Life Begins At The End Of Your Comfort Zone
    - Neale Donald Wilson -
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    There are thousands of ways to generate Leads for Offline Businesses. The main focus is to get the word out so that a substantial amount of people know about the service or product being offered.. It's really that simple.

    Some methods work better than others, but this differs with each business.

    You should look into:

    Newspaper Advertising
    Radio Advertising
    Flyer Distribution
    Classified Ads
    Pay Per Click
    Social Media Campaigns

    There are several ways to generate Leads for an Offline business. You just need to test a few of them to find out which one work the best for you.

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