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I was thinking of trying my hand at selling seo services and website design to some local businesses. My first local niche I was thinking of targeting was law firms. Since they have a high cpc, why not see about getting someone ranked at the top of google saving them money on cpc.

I have done some research on law firms in my area around a few keywords. The keywords would be very easy to rank #1 on google.

Many of the firms around here have websites so a website is probably out of the question. How would someone approach a law firm about SEO?

It's highly unlikely that the law firms that are already ranking #1 for their niche wouldn't be interested in SEO. How would some of you go about finding good prospects for SEO services? Should I look for firms that are on page 2 or 3 of google and offer them the service? Pitch it to them about how their competition is sitting on the #1 spot in google and how much money they are missing by not being on page #1 in the top 5 or even in the #1 position.

What about the keywords? Most of the firms I have researched have dozens of keywords that they target. Would I offer to get them ranked for one general keyword and 2 keywords that are related directly with their niche?

One last thing. Pricing? What should I charge to get 3 keywords on the first page of google in position 1-5?

Any feedback would be appreciated?
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    Read some threads man...
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    Yes that's a good idea to select the keywords and the company who are placed in the 2/3 pages.
    I think for a trial you should take 1 keyword and rank that single keyword very quickly and ask them to pay 250$.
    after getting the trust you can propose 1000$/ month for 3/4 keywords.
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    Aside from threads, you can do market research in your local area so you can analyze the trend and decide who will be your targeted market/client and pricing
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    Charge whatever your market will bear.
    Why are you only offering 3 or 4 keywords?
    I start with 9
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      Originally Posted by vndnbrgj View Post

      Charge whatever your market will bear.
      Why are you only offering 3 or 4 keywords?
      I start with 9
      The number of keywords was just a suggestion. I just didn't want to bite off more than I could chew on the keywords since some of them might be hard to rank.
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    One important thing that you need to keep in mind when calling these clients is that a lot of them are called SEVERAL times a week by people offering SEO services. It's becoming more and more popular for people in India for example to have call centers based there where they call Canada/US daily trying to get SEO clients.

    You need to set yourself apart from the rest. It's all about the pitch. If you can't get to the point in the conversation where they are actually interested and want details, these aspects wont even matter.

    Best of luck!
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      It depends.

      How many visitors will you drive to their site? How many of this visitors will contact them? How many of the latter will they convert? ( If they have lousy conversion rates, can you improve them?) How much is a client worth to the business right away and lifetime?

      So, start by talking to them about the number of visitors to their site you can deliver, then get them to talk about how the site converts and how much will the number of leads you get them generate for them.

      If you can get them 5 clients each month that are worth $5000 each, you charge differently than if you get them 5 clients each month that are worth $2500 together. In the 1st case you'd be getting them $25,000 new revenue a month, so, if you charged $1500 most would gladly pay, in the 2nd, they'd tell you to take a hike if you asked for $1500.

      A real estate attorney client has a different value than a criminal law attorney's client than an estate planning attorney's client.
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