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I got my first offline client who needs me to get more "like" to her page.

I want to make a cool landing page, with pics and a little text that will entice people to like the fan page; when they like it, they'll be able to get a little something: access to a video, to a bunch of pictures, or something like that.

Can you guys please help me with that?

It's a dancing academy; I've already came up with ideas to make it roll, but i'd like some more ideas - won't be telling what I thought so you guys can start fresh.

Also, it's in Brazil, so it's gonna be in portuguese; some stuff might not work.


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    You could try fiverr.com and pay somebody $5 for 100-150 Facebook likes....

    Just a thought.
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    yeah, thanks man! i will do it later... but not right now... i need more local likes before start gettin international likes, know what i mean? or it's gonna be a little suspicious... but thanks!
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    thx bro! that's a good read
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    I suggest you to promote your page by SEO then it will definitely likes by others.
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    Don't go to fiverr and buy likes...they aren't real likes and therefore have no real purpose for your client.

    Have the dance academy think of some kind of value they could offer their new and existing customers.

    Look around for a tool that you can use to get likes in exchange for that value.

    Like this.

    Say they want to offer a coupon or something. They could have people who come into their academy "like" their page, and upon that like the person would get some value that they could use during their next visit.

    You can probably find some kind of "sharegate" type of thing which will then post that story to their wall, which means their friends will see it....resulting in more likes.

    Worst case. Have the academy use a laptop or something to get people to "like" the page when they come in in exchange for something right then and there.

    "Like our page for a free cookie" or "$5 off this visit" or whatever would be of value to their customers.

    Then of course post interesting stuff on the FB page to keep people sharing and coming back.

    But don't buy likes from fiverr.
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    you could create a inexpensive facebook ppc campaign that if people click on her ad, it's a like for her facebook page
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    Fiverr facebook likes are sometimes unrealiable, but if you really want dirt cheap likes, fiverr is your man.
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    Thanks guys,

    this is what i've been doing so far:

    facebook PPC, which has generated a few likes (around 100, so far)

    Other than that, I am thinking about offering value:

    I will give away a free t-shirt after i get 1000 likes;

    one thing I wanted to do is to have a click-to-reveal page, where people can get to see videos that are only there... in order for them to see, they gotta click like

    how do i do that?

    Also, i'm thinking of doing this in december, whne they have their end-of-the-year presentation: whoever shares a status and get more likes to the page, wins 3 free tickets; is there a way to track where these likes came from? I mean, from what status share?

    Thanks guys
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    Whether or not your client even knows it, she has actually hired you to get her more customers NOT to get her more likes; it's just that, in her head, likes=customers. You need to be the expert here - explaining why likes are good or bad and how they need to be local etc.

    As to getting more likes - there are only two ways to do so 1) get in front of more prospects OR 2) make those prospects more interested

    1 is all about geo-targeted Facebook ads, aggressive offline promotion of the FB page, promotion to your existing list of customers etc. Getting your message in front of more, relevant people
    2 is all about interest and/or greed - and a free t-shirt won't cut it! Why not a draw/raffle for free dance lessons? The reward needs to appeal to your target market and be worthwhile. A t-shirt is just weak.

    BTW - DO NOT BUY LIKES ...... EVER! It's unprofssional at best and probably fraudulent.
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    Hey guys, thanks for the input

    I'll be checking the video, thanks for that!

    I actually have gotten 500+ likes, so far.

    I will be doing a raffle for discounts in dance lessons, but this is not the time. It's gotta be on the first month of the year, because, right now,no new students are allowed.

    The t-shirt is because there is an aura with this school, and the students really dig her apparel. it actually looks very good, so, I believe it would have a good impact

    The thing about gettin more "likes" is that she wants to make the brand more knowledgeable. It won't all turn into leads, but it will brand her school. I don't plan on buying likes, because I know it just won't cut it.

    Thanks for all the input guys.
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