Am I Ilegal or thinking this wrong??

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Hi warriors,

was just pulling my hair out after 3 hours and thought maybe the warriors could help??

I have a list of about 500 email leads for my niche and want to send out an email to inclide a link to my site.

Seems pretty easy right?

Well, I thought I might pay a small fee and join a service that will send them all for me.
All 5 that I researched have instructions that might as well be in chinese to me.
smtp, API key, dns,

I do not know if I am supposed to be in my hosting account or a college faculty to set this up??

Do any of you warriors use this type of service?
Also, is this a bad way of contacting leads??

Thanks for any input.

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    Possibly slightly illegal but a lot of people do it. You're about to do it the wrong way though.

    Sign up for mail chimp to test it out, free up to 2K subscribers... don't send affiliate links.
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      thanks iamnameless,

      but isn't mail chimp like an auto responder?

      I do not have a list of subscribers, just a list of business's I have collected from yp. but would like to make the process of sendind an email easier?

      thanks a bunch
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      its not illegal to send emails, you just need to make sure that they know why they are getting the email.


      Hey xxxxx,

      I am sendng you this beecuase you subscribed to to blah blah....

      Then you send the body of the text afer that, try to not have direct affliate links as someone mentioned. can alsovouch for mailchimp being a good begginer system.

      Congrats on your list fyi..

      Messenger Chatbot Marketing Systems -

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    legality all depends on which country and state youre in
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    ok now I see thats its a list of unsolicted emails, dont mak them spammy and you will be fine.

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    Make sure you use a qualified email service or you could get tagged and all your emails will end up in your targets junk file or not at all. Don't skimp on this or you will have a very low open rate. Most good services will have an email account rep who will help you with setting up a qualified email champagne you can get alot for under $20 per month...Well worth the money!!
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