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I have made a list of people in cities near me with bad reviews on a website. I am planning on outsourcing most of the calling. Here are my questions:

How do I check if a company is on a do not solicit list? Can I not call them if I am trying to sell? What if I call to set up an interview for a business directory I am setting up? Are there any other boundaries to cold calling I need to avoid?

I do not want to be fined or sued, and I know little about cold calling. Any clarification is appreciated!
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    Here are some links for more information:
    Do Not Call List |

    Q&A: The National Do Not Call Registry
    The National Do Not Call Registry is only for personal phone numbers. Business-to-business calls and faxes are not covered by the National Do Not Call Registry.
    Hope that helps.
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    Funny, I was actually just going through

    Does anyone have the answer to this question specifically though. I am having trouble finding the answer.

    I am looking to follow the method from this post:

    Call a business (or outsource the call) asking for the manager. Try to schedule an interview... no sale is being done or attempted on the phone. For people with experience in telemarketing, do I need to worry about anything if I am not attempting the sale through the phone?
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    Appointment setting calls should be fine.

    There was some discussion about telemarketing licenses in this thread:

    Telemarketing License?

    If you don't know how to start calls off effectively, have a look at this:

    How to Start a Call Effectively
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    The DNC list is strictly a consumer list. There is no business do not call list and from what I have read there isn't really any government support of one either so you won't have to worry about it for a while if at all.

    And It's not something anyone would know. You'd think it applies to businesses as well and business owners also think this. We have people saying to put them on the dnc list etc etc but since business phone information is public record and can be found on the business website, yellow pages, yellowbook, manta, yelp etc etc etc they can't opt to not get calls from some people and get calls from others.

    So in short, when calling businesses you don't have to worry about do not call, the businesses can't do anything no matter how many threaten you (which will be maybe a few a week or less).

    So call away.
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    Uhm, DNC is for personal phone numbers. It totally pissing *** if someone tries to call you without even you knowing who it was and would tried to sell or ***er you some bull%*$# (specially when on the middle of your night sleeps)

    Wonderful to know, B2B has it's unique exception - I think to be reachable on public calling because primarily they are commercially operated establishments and customers are their main end-users. What's the point then if they would like to be included on DNC list, they should've not open their business to the public if so...hmmm
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      If these businesses are close enough to you, you want to drop by, visit them and show them what you can offer them.
      I myself have done this and have had some success.
      Do it as soon as they open in the morning.
      I have found that first thing in the morning they aren't that busy and can give you a few minutes of their time.
      (Assuming you can visit them in a brick and mortar type of store).

      Just a thought.....
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    There is no DNC list for businesses and that should eliminate that concern. As for outsourcing your calling there are some good and bad to that idea. The good is it will allow you more time to do other things. The bad is YOU need to establish the relationship not someone else. There is one other factor that may move you to outsourcing "you suck at it" Now I'm not saying you do but some people are just not good at phone work.If that's the case you may want to outsource.
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    I read somewhere on the forum that B2B (BUSINESS TO BUSINESS) callers don't have anything to worry about.

    Take some action, and enjoy the result! Best of luck.

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    Wow, thanks for all the responses everyone! I appreciate the quick help.
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    Don't forget to let us know how the cold calling goes!
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    You can check out the DNC list. If you plan to outsource, companies have a wide database of businesses in their pipeline that are tagged as DNC. Ask them if they could check you list for these.
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