Stop Making It So Hard!

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I hear it all the time from my coaching clients, "I'm not like YOU, you know how to talk to people. You can sell milk to dairy farmers."

I beg to differ. I have always been someone who has to deal with stage fright. I've had to deal with people that I didn't want to talk to. I've been scared just to say "Hi."

Yep. That's me, Millard Grubb. The guy who was a performer for over 25 years all over the country. But I've got a confession to make. Even today, I can get the "Schpilkes" as my great grandmother was wont to say. I got nervous... I started sweating... I didn't want to get up in front of anyone or speak to anyone.

I even had a time where I was supposed to perform at the famous Medina Temple in downtown Chicago before thousands of folks. Who was on after me? The late, great Shari Lewis with her little "Lampchop" puppet.

Why am I telling you this?

Because if I can get over stage fright and get clients... anybody can!

Look. It is very simple. Be friendly. Don't try to sell something the second you walk in the door. Get to know a business owner as a resource person.

You like fishing? Go into a baitshop and talk fishing.

Like golf? Talk to the folks at the pro shop and get to know them.

Once you've got a little rapport going, you can ask the hard questions... like... "How's everything going?"

It is that simple.
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    I couldn't have said it better.
    Most of my business comes from making business connections playing golf and you meet a lot of business owners that way too.

    And I still get jittery talking to people.
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    Gotta just get out there.
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    have to be comfortable being uncomfortable
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    What the newbies don't realize is that you didn't reach that point overnight. It's taken years of practice to get to where you are.

    Originally Posted by MWGrubb58 View Post

    I hear it all the time from my coaching clients, "I'm not like YOU, you know how to talk to people. You can sell milk to dairy farmers."
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    Yeah... It does take practice. But as you do it over and over again... It gets much easier.

    One big thing I've learned is that biz owners don't slap you in the face, you do that to yourself by second guessing and imagining the worst.

    It takes less wrong thinking and more smiling.
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    I believe its just the fright of jumping into something.
    Some people like to take things head on, some do better starting slowly - like putting your feet in the pool before doing a cannon ball!

    Either way, unless you take action you will never know.
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    Even a small action can create a client.

    I went into a auto repair place to have a water pump replaced. I started talking with the owner about what was going on with their business. After a few minutes talking about setting up a referral system, I had another client.

    You just have to be open.
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      I think it's the fact that some people try to rehearse everything they want to say when in reality that never works. You don't know where the conversation with a shop owner is going to go or how they are going to formulate their questions. I say just be you, since you already know what your doing in your field it should not be a problem to answer any random questions.

      I do it all the time when I go to shops, I talk to the owners like they are buddies. Although I don't try to sell them things I can guarantee you if I proposed them an offer that I would be walking out of there with cash in hand.
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