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Hi guys,

When I check my clients' sites -- ones that I long ago converted to mobile-friendly -- the online emulators all show the site as not being mobile friendly.

Which makes me a little concerned about using an emulator for marketing purposes. (ie, contacting a prospect and saying confidently that his/her site is not mobile friendly and being wrong about that.)

Until now, I check client sites in iOS and Android manually, but until now making sites mobile friendly has been an incidental part of my work offline.

Is there an emulator you would recommend that really works?

Thanks in advance.

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    Did you know there is a whole section of the Warrior Forum that is mobile marketing!


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      Originally Posted by chungacreative View Post


      Did you know there is a whole section of the Warrior Forum that is mobile marketing!

      Oops, thank you!

      Three years of stopping by, I should have noticed that one.

      In my head I was thinking of offline clients, and stopped when I saw the "offline" section.

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    So you're having trouble finding out which pages are mobile and which aren't?

    If I didn't misunderstand your question, then my solution is this:

    It's a google chrome plugin that I turn on and off whenever going through prospect's sites on my computer. It emulates different iOS versions and Android perfectly.

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