Got My First $997 Deal. Yes!

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Got my first $997.00 deal. Awhile back I had asked my sons basketball trainer if he wanted to barter lessons for a yt video on the first page of google? he said no not at this time. no problem. two weeks ago he called me and told me that he was interested. so we talked but he wanted me to work on his website optimization. wanted more traffic. since this was out of my league i did some research and found a company that will do that. i can do the videos and get them ranked. as a matte of fact within a day i had one of them on the first page. anyway, we met and i closed the deal. how did i come out with the $997? well being in sales i figured he might say it was to much so i decided on an amoun i liked and decided $500.00 a month was good for me.
Being in sales i know most business owners will like it when they hear the word "discount".
I was right he said the $997 was not in his budget. So I told him I would give him a 50% discount along with some lessons. But, if we did what we promised that the following month or after sixty days he would have to pay the $997.00 or he could refer 3 people and stay at the 50%.
So now I will have money, lessons and my first referral.
Pretty much with out really trying.
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    It would be much easier to read if you make line breaks.
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      Thanks. Will do next time I post.
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    Pablo - great job!

    That's always the first step is getting your first deal in. Anyone can get lucky, getting a friend, relative, "warm market" to buy your services. So here is what you should start thinking of next: How can you develop a system to attract more leads/sales into your offline marketing business.

    Lots come on here saying they got their first deal, which is great, but without a system, a process to generate more prospects, it's just like a "bonus" while you're still working your 9-to-5'er. Start thinking of ways to generate prospects to grow your new marketing company.
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      Thanks Voasi.

      What scares me is that I have no company that I can count on to do the behind the scenes yet.

      I am working with one right now and lets see how that goes.

      I think getting the deal is not to hard it is doing the SEO that you promised that is the hard part.

      I don't like taking money and not doing what I promised.
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    great ideas on this thread. Congrats
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