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Hey Warriors! Typing on iPad excuse the errors, my names Eric, nice to met everyone, I've been reading your comments, discussions, questions, answers, offers etc for months. This is not sales related, but a discussionand talk, PLEASE READ.

First off, thanks for all your contributions regardless of intentions. All of your posts, comments, and questions are great reads. I wish I had the time to contribute more, but I read A LOT!!so THANKYOU!!!!!

I NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!! I need advice from my mentors, YOU GUYS&GALS...I also welcome links to other discussions, in case I missed it.... but I'm not interested in any programs, ebooks, etc. I'm an experienced marketer/professional with an MBA, years of experience, and developing as an online marketer, web developer, online business owner, etc.

Here's the deal........... I'm going to eliminate all emotion and fluff/bs, with respect to your time and mine. Hopefully this will spark more discussion if it's an easy read

I have 8 years resume worthy work experience
2 years online marketing research, practical application, testing, lots and lots of studying

Please read!! Comment, discuss, ask me for more info!

Launched Marketinc Solutions in Jan. 2012
I also work full time at local community bank, good salary.(they know I have side online business)
Huge tony Robbins fan, The Secret, Think and Grow Rich, 7Habits...... All day at work on audio books with headphones, or listening to webinars, reading WForum, etc. my bank job is not stressful, and I live a block away so I usually take LONG lunches

how do you launch a succesfull online business, or any business for that matter, while maintaining a full time job???

I feel like its just a excuse for not scaling up operations, but I feel I just can not get over the hump needed to take my business to the next level.

Not enough hours in the day, and my part-time ventures haven't made enough to replace a full-time income

I'd love to outsource, but that's not the problem....... My problem is, I target businesses but work full time business hours? I've been fairly strategic so far...

I already know one thing I need to do is narrow down my product and services offering. I'm a 2-3 man shop, so hours are limited, manpower is limited, resources are limited......... I "offer" a lot of services, but I don't PUSH every service.


Marketinc Solutions - Web, Mobile, Social Media, Traditional Marketing Services,etc. DOORS OPENED JULY 2012.
*Revenues coming from products and services sold.
*Revenues coming from affiliate and contracted commissions and profit sharing
*Revenues coming from Advertising Ads Commision % Ad Spend
$500-$1,000+ avg annual per new client minimum goals.

BACK DOOR SALES STRATEGY WITH OTHER OFFERINGS...... Upsell, Upsell, Upsell..... PUSH individual products, cheap solutions to simple problems, Upsell after built relationship.

Internal Product Development
- Local Directory, Deals, Text, Email, etc Website w/mobile site integrated content into Mobile App available on all platforms
- unique to Springfield,Il ----- Guess??? Hahah Honest Abe hint
- its really going to be high quality, internally developed with some outsourcing
*Revenues coming from monthly listings and other ads, etc
*$5 monthly/$50annual. Save$
*expected LAUNCH OCTOBER 2012.

#1 I will continue to prospect, research, and target.
#2 I need to start cold calling. But I'm waiting until I have my unique product offering (local website&App. FIRST ONE WITH ALL MY BELLS & WHISTLES)

Do you think I think I'm on the right path????...... I sometimes doubt my plan, until it fruitates.

What's your advice.... Like I said, I have a full time job, with FULL time Part-time endeavors. I don't want to outsource every aspect of my business. But I do need help. My partner is also a part time partner who is only paid for Commisions he brings in, he's job is more IT related and he is bi-lingual Spanish

I'd love to go on and on with details, I'd like to see if anyone even cares to comment.
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    Your comments above make me think you are following in the footsteps of those who have gone before you.

    If you are serious about making money online you should avoid doing what has already been done.

    The successful warriors are those who search out new niches and satisfy their demands.

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  • Thankyou for reading and commenting. You are right. The succesful warriors do think outside the box, but ive always been taught to model the succesful, I dont follow 1 program or any 1 method, but spent 2 years researching, testing, etc.

    Without getting into great detail to save time.... My target markets and niches are defined in my business plan.

    I believe in my plan and think the goals are achievable. I'm just struggling with the Full-Time job and Part-Venture not balancing right....... The bulk of my time SHOULD be spent on the MISSION!!! Not the FullTime job.

    Honestly I have small financial goals that when they are met, I'm burning my bridges and going FULL TIME, GO!!!! With no regrets

    Then I can scale up ALL operations. And finally do what I love to do.
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      Hi Eric. You have a sound strategy but my suggestion would be to start with just 1 service. Learn it, become the expert for that service and just push it hard. This will give you a solid foundation and when you get to 20 or 30 clients, you can start thinking about offering them your next service. Just my two cents...Good luck! Keep it simple...
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      • I agree. I definitely agree

        I "offer" tons of services, only to capitalize on all business opportunity with each new client.

        But I have concentrated all "pushed or marketed" efforts on social media & website design w/responsive layout or mobile if needed.

        I have a sound "plan" but I know it needs action..... No action equals no results. And right not I lack time to act.

        I'm going to follow this post up with a longer one talking more about my plan and expectations
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