Postcard Effectiveness: Regular vs Oversized

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Hi all;

I'm looking at doing a postcard campaign for a client. The options are the regular sized 4 x 6" cards vs the jumbo 5.5 x 8.5" cards.

I suspect that the regular sized cards are good enough, but this is my first mailing. I'm marketing for a Real Estate agent and the goal is top of mind awareness, so frequency is really what counts (we suspect).

Direct Mail Veterans: Do you agree, or is our thinking off base and the jumbo usually worth it?

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    My personal experience?

    The only ones I ever paid attention to were the over sized like Bob Ross suggests.

    Family Video and a few other places locally send them and they always get my attention. The small ones I skim and toss and I only skim to make sure it's not a bill or something weird (had a bill come that way once and nearly threw it out.
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    I know that I've always had better response from the larger postcards. But it's because I can tell more, give more reasons to buy from me.

    I can tell a better story.

    But if you are simply going to enlarge the type for the larger postcard, I wouldn't bother.

    "Brand building"...I shudder at the thought. :rolleyes:
    One Call Closing book

    What if they're not stars? What if they are holes poked in the top of a container so we can breath?
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      Mail has increased in size by an average of 20% over the last
      10 years. While some may give an argument that small now
      stands out more, would be wrong.

      Two major advantages to go big are:

      The more you tell, the more sell. A postcard is like an
      abbreviated salesman. It is very hard to pack enough:
      • Why should I read this?
      • Why do I care and...
      • Why should I take action
      on a small card

      The other advantage is with EDDM you can mail
      tyrannosaurs rex size postcards at 14.5 cents a pop.

      No matter what size you use nothing is more important
      than what is written on it. Size does not sell, words do.

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        Go with the larger size - here's the main reason

        When bundled together wih all of the mail, it won't stack neatly together, thus causing it to stand out and be noticed. Now as far as your message goes, that's a different story. Assuming that your message speaks directly to your target, you'll do well.

        Focus mainly on your message though, as that is what's going to make people take action. Good luck brother!
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    Also not sure I would use Post Cards for a Realitor that wants to do brand building. That seems more Billboards and TV ads to me. That's what the local ones here have done.

    Call Wells she Sells.
    I don't even know if she is still doing it but I doubt any of us will ever forget her branding.
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