How To Not Get Ghosted On CraigsList ??

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Hey everyone,

So one of the marketing techniques I'm starting to get into is CraigsList, but it seems my ads are getting ghosted, not all of them, but a decent amount of them, how can we avoid not getting ghosted on CraigsList ??

Thanks in advance for all replies !!!!
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    Not getting ghosted takes some time to learn. I do not think there is a simple answer for you.

    It depends on what your are putting in your post title and your post body.

    I found I would get ghosted the most if I posted to many series symbols in a title.
    ex: <<<<<((((((BUY MY STUFF)))))>>>>>

    Or if you are using the same title and just changing the ad body.

    You have to go back to your ghosted ads and see if you can find a common error.
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    I post 3 ads at a time.
    I use different copy and titles.
    Some are all words, some are pics.
    I am always testing, so I check pics vs. written out copy

    I post from my CL verified account and confirm via phone or email when neccessary.
    Never have a problem with my ads being ghosted.
    I even use the symbols sometimes and still don't have ads get posted.

    All of my copy varies slightly.
    For example, I am testing 3 ads on web design right now.

    One has a pic, one has short copy, one has long copy.
    Then, later you can alternate titles, etc.
    I have found the copy just can't be 100% the same.

    For example:
    Ad 1 uses copy a
    Ad 2 uses copy b
    Ad 3 uses copy c

    Ad 1 uses b
    Ad 2 uses c
    Ad 3 uses a

    Etc... otherwise it can become difficult to test.

    As a side note.. keep everything optimized.
    I am in Michigan and got a call from someone for web design yesterday from South Carolina.
    He said he found my ad from 8/27 on Google, and wanted to know if I was still offering my special...
    (Another thing I test... Specials)
    Life Begins At The End Of Your Comfort Zone
    - Neale Donald Wilson -
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    you could just change your IP. ads can't be identical and you can't post too much at once
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    Use the search function in THIS forum. Look for my posts about CL and the ghosting algorithm.
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    If you want a solution to Craigslist ghosting, you should watch these 2 videos:
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    Wow - usually there are some straightforward answers, but it sounds like you covered a lot of the basics. Try breaking up certain words that might prompt CL to flag (free, sex, etc) with non-printable characters, like 'asterisk s h y semicolon' (it's a 'soft hyphen). Any characters I display here are going to be processed, so I have to spell it out. PM me if you have any questions or if the above is not clear.

    Good luck!
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      What has been everyone's experience on the average amount of reposts in a city per day plus new posts without feeling Craig's hand around your throat?
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        It appears that the only way to get an Ad to stick to CL is to post an image Ad. I use this web app to get it done - It is working for me.
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