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Hi Offliners,

Can you folks mention some of the hottest/most popular
services that are offered these days? And possible price


P.S- with all the google updates, I tend to stay away from offering Local Seo services.
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    "Never make someone a priority in your life who makes you an option in theirs." Anon.
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    You want to develop a price point that your market will pay and that you can sell. In other words, the more confidence you have the greater amount of money you can ask for with a straight face. When you have performed the services for others, are confident you can produce results you KNOW you are worth the price you are asking.

    That said, the services that can be offered are really only limited by your imagination. Surf through this forum and see what people are asking questions about offering - anything from website design/development to mobile ecommerce sites and SMS marketing for coffee houses and churches.

    Think about what would help your target audience the MOST to get more traffic through their doors. Keep their needs in the front of your mind and focus on developing one service well as you expand your client list and then your product list.
    Content, Video, Infographics in the lucrative relationship market

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      I'd have to agree with Gail - you've asked a pretty broad question as there are so many services you could offer and so many factors that could determine what you decide to sell.

      You don't offer any specifics of whether you are experienced or if you are just getting started in the offline marketing world. But if you want to offer services to local businesses, my initial advice would be to start with what you know - do you know how to build websites? Are you a web designer? Are you familiar with Wordpress? Do you know how to build videos? Have you built mobile websites?

      This would get you in the door with some businesses and then as they start to ask for more offerings from you, then you'll know what works in your area. And you can always hire someone to outsource the work to if you are not experienced at it yourself.

      Hope that helps!
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