Phone versus In-Person Presentations, and Local versus Out-Of-Town Presentations

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This is addressed specifically to salespeople who've done both:

I plan on jumping back in to selling web design in 2 weeks, but am undecided on whether to sell via the phone, both locally and out-of-town, or sell exclusively local, with me doing all in-person consultations.

Has anyone had success setting phone appointments both local and beyond, and one-call closing them?

Ideally I'd love to sell and close over the phone, but I get the feeling from personal experience and from reading others on the forum, that selling locally, specifically in person, has the best chance for success.

However, I am a skilled salesperson, in-person, and have done some phone saleswork where I've basically sold everything I needed to except collect the check and get the app signed. So I don't doubt that I couldn't get past the learning curve quickly.

Any thoughts and experience on this from those who've done both are much appreciated.

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    I've done more in person selling than on the phone. But phone selling really is in person. They just can't see you.

    Are you just selling webs design? If you are, the phone is your friend. It's much faster, and almost as personal as a live meeting.

    I get far better results speaking to groups and closing right then. But your offer is easier to explain than mine. I would go for the phone.

    Nobody ever ran out of gas, got mugged, got lost, got caught in the rain, got pulled over by a cop, wasted a trip, or got accosted by a homeless person..while prospecting on the phone.

    (I think I'm selling myself here )
    One Call Closing book

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    Why don't you do both? As long as you are comfortable.

    Here's what I would do. Get a targeted list for your niche - OUT of your city. In any city you want or think has lots of what you want to work with. Then call it, or have someone experienced call it and set the appointments for you. They need to be qualified, and concrete appointments (easy with qualifying questions and a good caller). Then, you can fill in all those days that you DON'T have any face-to-face appointments with phone ones.

    In order to build your base, you should do your local marketing and branch out to other places. The advantage to phone appointments is that you are not limited to your area. However, you must be able to handle the traffic.

    Coming back to appointment setting calls to get either. We normally go with the "what would be better for you, a few minutes on the phone with Bob, or would you like him to stop by?" That should help you land the local ones easier.

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