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I've got this client who is the person who tries to design her website through me(this won't happen again). If you guys have been through this it's a drawn out process if she only wants to commit her time over email.

But she's being picky about a logo, even though I've already told her I don't do logos. I would, but she thought it would cost 20 bucks for me to customize her imagined logo. So I found a website called, and cannot find what I'm looking for.

Is there a similar site that will help me out here to get a simple yet decent icon or logo that will pass for a logo?
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    99designs if she wants to be shown what logo design is worth.
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      Originally Posted by BillyParadise View Post

      99designs if she wants to be shown what logo design is worth.
      I second the idea. Logos are worth way more than $5 or $20.

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    Promise Big.
    Deliver Bigger.
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    Hire a. Real logo company that gives her three concepts and two revisions for around $150 to $300. Real money cuts out bullshit of endless revisions and endless choices. Lock it down and softly force a a close to the process.

    Source : me, graphic artist.

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    99designs - Will have to check them out!
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    You will need to stop this before it gets real crazy.

    Frank "at"

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    I wasn't going to ask this, but since you guys are telling me what I was thinking, how do I stop this without seeming presumptuous or seemingly taking a "lazy" way out in her eyes. Not fulfilling her needs as a client?

    She wants 5 different colors on the theme, with images that don't correlate with the feng shui of the site. Obviously will make the site too busy.

    I told her we need to get on the marketing because consumers are not as big on the logo as she sees in her mind and the longer we put off spreading the site, the longer they go without more business, dragging out the process. Trust me, the site looks great, but she tells me she doesn't want it to be seen that way by her potential customers sending me one to two little tweaks per day changing content that she's sent me 3-4 times already changing the words she wrote.

    Sorry about the little venting in there, but this is the most picky client I've ever had. How do I handle this new situation?
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      That's why before you agree to take on a client an agreement/contract should be signed by both parties as to what will be done by you and how many free revisions etc will be carried out. After that a standing charge or hourly rate will come in to force.

      Sounds like you have a nightmare client who will never be entirely happy. My advice - Dump them now!!! Not worth the hassle

      How? Be polite, and explain that you are not a good fit for each other.
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    I like the explain we are not a good fit part. That seems reasonably easy enough. I sent them a contract, requested them to sign it, and they never did. Although I never specified how many revisions, so that wouldn't have mattered. Will go in future contracts that's for sure. And will be signed before I start any actual web work.

    I will however try talking to her over the phone to perhaps reach some sort of medium ground. For some reason she doesn't like communicating over the phone. She has a very perfectionist-type personality and likes to organize her words perfectly, so I think she avoids talking to me on the phone (won't answer when I call).

    Thanks for the help guys, this has helped me work through this issue...hopefully I will close this quickly so she'll see some results and hopefully be happy.
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    This is what you call a grinder. ( google clients and grinders), this is why you charge real prices. Cheap prices attract grinders like flies to poop. Now you see why I said what I said about the logo price. A strong price forces a decision. You cannot give a grinder 99 choices. They will eat up all of your time being persnickety and going over their options again and again.

    I recently had a client who came in and inquired about a logo for his wife's company. She's a doctor and very type a. When we quoted her 500 for everything she wanted done, it wasn't a problem. Why because she knows you only get what you pay for and the more you ask of people the more you should pay them (we discussed setting up her style guide and helping with her copyright and trademark). We added extra value that was worth her time. Grinders never appreciate that sort of thing, the expect it to be thrown in for free.

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    You should include logo cost in your web design next time and if you dont want to deal with it, check out they offer good prices for Logos and great work. I think they still have an offer for WF members $20 per logo including all original files for printing etc
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    Did not make much since. So you are a design company that does not do logos? That has to be the easiest
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      Originally Posted by Soulstreak View Post

      Did not make much since. So you are a design company that does not do logos? That has to be the easiest
      It's not. Not good logos. Original logos. Anyone can grab an icon and some text. I personally outsource my logo designs, i find it frustrating to make good ones. I enjoy making flyers, animations, CD cover design and motion graphics.

      My logo designer, she hates doing CD covers. But she breaths logos, she was the art director at a large logo website. Every artist has different strengths.

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    Just use your time with photoshop with other samples. You can save your all bucks. Or finding similar site search on google writing like this similar site your site name. Thanks.

    Kibria hosain
    Online research & affiliate learner

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    I don't find the logo to be the most important aspect of a local company's site. Something high quality of course, but does a potential customer really thrive on how top notch the logo is?
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    Try You can get several designs by some very talented people to choose from. The cost is $20 and up depending on what you want to spend. What you are doing is having a contest to see who can design the best logo. The more you spend the more people will enter.

    You can get anything you want if you help enough other people get what they want.
    Losers fail and quit. Winners fail until they succeed.
    Indecision is worse than the wrong decision. You can fix a wrong decision, you can't fix indecision.

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    I always mention this, but has people that sell logos for $5 and some of those logos are pretty dang nice for the price you pay.
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    Have a look at Logo Search - Logo Search to find a variety of logo designs.
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    Thanks everyone for these tips! This thread has been very helpful.
    grey38- What did you end up doing with this client ?

    In the future you can include a basic logo or header design in your web design offer. I would suggest downloading a few photoshop styles and creating your own logos before going to Fiverr.
    Ive also had success with Digitalpoint contests. I recently ordered a Fiverr logo and the quality was nowhere near what I have paid for on Digitalpoint.
    If a client came to me specifically for logo design, I would outsource it to an experienced logo designer.
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