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I'm not a big name on this forum, but I wanted to make a thread to say thanks to those of you that go above and beyond. I first spent my time (months) in the IM forum and went through the whole deal of clickbank/amazon,etc. Bought WSO's I've never used, all that. Everyone I've ever talked to always seemed like they were leading me to something. Whether it was a product, or WSO or whatever. I learned to put up a guard when talking to folks about IM.

I ventured into this forum..I can't remember why. It was only a few weeks ago and I'm now taking the steps to start my own business. Everyone has to start somewhere, right? I know I can't do it all, and I don't expect I ever will. But talking to you guys has helped me start developing things I've never even dreamed of before. To put a team together.

This is where my thanks comes in. I've talked to a few people from the forum and built several good relationships. Ones that have made me go, hey, these people offer services, but aren't really trying to to sell them to me. They really are trying to help me succeed.

Its just very refreshing to meet folks that are like myself , who actually take an interest in the lives of other people and help them succeed.So many people have ulterior motives. Its nice to see that not everyone is like that.

It doesn't matter who or what you believe in. If you pay it forward, it will at some point, come back to you tenfold.

You know who you are.

And for that, I thank you guys.
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    That's what I love about this forum. There are so many people here that are happy to give out their knowledge and help others out, especially people that don't know where to start.

    Gives me some faith back in humanity.

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    Your statement is very true. I am also about 5 months into this field and have found that Internet Marketers are a very warm, welcoming and friendly family. They are very helpful and ready to share what they know with you. The amazing thing is that besides the big boys, nobody really knows each other here physically. Some people don't even have their pics on their profile but everyone shares and teaches here like they have known each other for decades.
    This is so different to the real world where even despite being able to contact someone physically, face to face, you sometimes have that rejection and unwillingness to share. I love being here, mingling with people I don't know and learning from the ones who have things to share.


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      The fact of the matter is......You should never have a need to buy any wso's on here. All the info and advice your ever need can be sourced here within the threads if you search. Plus if you have trouble finding what you need, just ask and 99 time out of 100 one of the good folks here will offer a solution, and best of all it's free!!!

      I've also learnt a great deal just from reading, without the need to waste $$$$ on wso's

      So just like the OP, thanks to everyone who takes the time to help their fellow warriors out
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